Sweet Savory Ethanol

Advertisements Day #532 It’s a chilly Saturday morning & I’m sitting in the dark by the fire— up long before anyone else around here. I have a sage candle & sage incense burning, and Deva Premal chants playing. The world appears to be coming unglued & I am at peace. I am so incredibly gratefulContinue reading “Sweet Savory Ethanol”

Progression and Keeping My Sanity

I’m gaining mental and emotional momentum as well as physical.  I’ve been meditating and writing a lot this week.  That and being outside walking or running, feeds my soul with pure joy and happiness.  I wrote on Monday that I want 100 days and I think that I am well on my way.  I want more though, I really want a year and then years– until I die.  BUT, realistically — it’s one day at a time & that’s what I’ll count on!  

One Small Victory

I will think, “NO, that’s not going to happen”, but that’s not the end.  Betsy keeps putting thoughts of drinking into my head and each time, my sane mind starts to find the thought of drinking more and more appealing.  With that, Betsy gets louder and louder until my sane mind says, “FFFF it!  I want to drink so I’m going to gosh darn it– and nobody or nothing is going to stop me!”

Life on Life’s Terms

When I called my dad, I learned that my uncle, a police officer, had been hit by a car.  He was helping at the scene of an accident and was hit by a college student.  He was in the ICU with an extensive brain injury and that his condition was very critical. 

When the Party’s Over

While the party ended for everyone else, including my hubby, I consented to being a slave to alcohol. It ruled every aspect of my life.  Every. Single. Night.  If I was somewhere without being able to drink, I was in a mad rush to get home as soon as possible because I needed that drink.  Alcohol stole every part of my being.  Family parties and other social gatherings that included alcohol ended with me too tipsy to hold a conversation and forgetting half of the night– and waking up horrified at what I may have said or done.

Holiday Triggers

We all played hooky and I felt physically dead all day (and probably the following day).  I remember feeling like a giant parental failure, and had major paranoid feelings about what I may have said at the party with neighbors, some of whom I had never met- what a great first impression they must’ve had!

Some Days are High, Others are Low

There is no point to this story– other than this is reality, sobriety is filled with highs and lows.  The reality is that as I am anticipating tomorrow night sucking, my alcoholic voice is already starting to whisper ideas into my head.  I try to ignore, but she is persistent and knows when I am most vulnerable.