Bah Humbug, and One Day at a Time

Advertisements My mom died over 4 years ago and I’m not sure why it’s hitting me hard this particular Christmas.  I just want the holidays to go away– or be done with already.  Our decorations nearly didn’t make it out and I’ve only bought two small gifts so far. The new year can’t come fastContinue reading “Bah Humbug, and One Day at a Time”

Spring Break & Easter 2018

So far, this break has been a mixed bag of tons of rest and relaxation (hello daily afternoon naps and nightly 9 hour slumbers!), exercise, getting stuff done around the house, self-care and loving on my furbabies.  After the craziness of the past few months, this chillaxation is perfect for my mind, body and soul <3 

Work Stress and Weekend Bliss

Scrolling through social media, I found a triathlon in Bay City that sounded super cool.  It isn’t until September, so there is plenty of time to work up my stamina.  It’s called a driathlon because instead of swimming, you canoe with your teammate.   I told the hubz about it and he said, “SURE, sign us up.”  BOY oh boy that totally made my day!

The Concert

I enjoyed being fully present during the show.  The beats were intense and I could feel the sounds riveting throughout my body.  It was almost like being in a trance, if I lost focus and let my senses take over my being.  Much better than concerts in the past where I was annihilated– acting like a fool at my best and passed out asleep at my worst– both which I’ve admittedly done before.