The Voices in my Head

Advertisements It’s been 899 days since I was last in the shackles of Vodka. I feel free. Life is so simple, yet so good I’m not worried about much these days. And when my worries become unleashed, I pull out my shock collar to put them in their place. My head is no place forContinue reading “The Voices in my Head”

Day 868

Advertisements So many things in life are confusing these days, but not in a bad way. It feels more like an “on the edge of your seat” kind of way. Everything that I’ve learned and keep learning in my personal development stresses the absolute importance of letting go. So when tornados are forming around me,Continue reading “Day 868”

Namago: The ego in me…

Advertisements I’m coining a new term, namago. To me, it means: The ego in me recognizes the ego in you. A common translation for namaste is: the light in me, recognizes the light in you. You see, I’m learning how to handle my emotions, and to keep my cool, but sometimes I lose it. IContinue reading “Namago: The ego in me…”


Advertisements Am I powerless? As a whole person, I believe that’s a hard no. However, when it comes to alcohol, I bow down to it. Its seductive grip has stolen years. It’s sneaky too. It’ll creep right up on you and then gaslight you when you try to back away. It’ll get into every cellContinue reading “Powerless”

Letting Go of a Toxic Friend

Advertisements January 2021 Drinking: First you take a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes you. Drinking: One is too many and one thousand isn’t enough. Once you take the first one, it takes over. At this point, I’m legitimately terrified of taking a drink and hope that I alwaysContinue reading “Letting Go of a Toxic Friend”

Counting Days

Advertisements Day 817 Humans like to count and measure. At what point does it stop serving its purpose? Who cares what day it is, we’re all just a sip away- it truly doesn’t matter, does it? The Recovery Elevator app is full of measuring tools. Mine currently says that I’ve gained over 1,000 productivity hoursContinue reading “Counting Days”

Self Love is a Superpower

Advertisements Day #808 I am this many years old (44) when I found out that self love is a superpower. In fact, it may be the most effective force within us. And it goes both ways. I read something yesterday that resonated in a big way. When we don’t deal with our inner trauma, weContinue reading “Self Love is a Superpower”

Day #774 My Ego is Not My Amigo

Advertisements Today is Sunday, May 9th 2021, Mother’s Day. The forecast is chilly and rainy, which is kind of sad, but is at least a good excuse to stay inside and get cozy with my blanket and a book.  It is also my seven hundred and seventy fourth day without alcohol- just over two years.Continue reading “Day #774 My Ego is Not My Amigo”

Two Years, No Drinks

Advertisements Two years ago was one of the most shameful days of my life. I won’t go into details, and they aren’t awful, as I was a ‘high bottom’ drunk. I’ve never had a DUI or anything like that. But I knew that I had to stop drinking once and for all. In these twoContinue reading “Two Years, No Drinks”

My Greatest Teacher

Advertisements For the first time in 7 years, I felt joy when I saw the date, February 13th. It was my late mom’s birthday. She died suddenly in 2014. Her birthday, just like her deathday, can be a sad and overwhelming time. I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty, for feeling joy, on this day,Continue reading “My Greatest Teacher”