Day #893 – Peace and Suffering

Advertisements September 6, 2017: Black Shroud “When you’re drinking, it’s kind of like your life is clouded with a dark shroud.  The sun is less bright, jokes are less funny, semi stressful situations seem impossibly daunting and the list goes on. I’m not sure why I chose to do this to myself the week ofContinue reading “Day #893 – Peace and Suffering”

Being Weird

Advertisements Day 879 Yesterday was a family birthday party at the beach. MAN, these used to stress me out so bad! Even just as little as six months ago, I would sometimes be a mess right before or right after- or both! Yesterday I nailed it. Even though the same family members brought the sameContinue reading “Being Weird”

Day 844 – I Can Self-Soothe

Advertisements Last Saturday got interesting after my I posted about my kiddo. I was taking care of him and thinking that he should be at a hospital, well I got my wish, I guess. Sometime after I wrote, he started to run a fever and it began to rise fast. He was too painful toContinue reading “Day 844 – I Can Self-Soothe”

Ego and Resistance, the Defiant Duo

Advertisements Day #798        Wednesday, June 2, 2021 My mission in life has become to do whatever I need to do in order to stay in a state of happiness. Everytime I think I’ve cracked the code, my mind laughs at me. Since returning to work and dealing with typical work stress likeContinue reading “Ego and Resistance, the Defiant Duo”

Foodie Family Fun

Advertisements Life during a pandemic can get old & monotonous. My family & I have begun some fun routines. It all started with a bulgar bowl. At the start of the school year, all of our boys were at school on Fridays & hubby & I worked from home. We treasured these days, with aContinue reading “Foodie Family Fun”

Day #520- The F*** It’s

Advertisements I have a MAJOR case of the “F*** It” today. I’ve felt like a pressure cooker from the moment I picked up my phone today (mental note to not do that again). My mood was exasperated by darkness and pouring rain, a leaky basement that we keep throwing money at with no success, andContinue reading “Day #520- The F*** It’s”

The Four Agreements: Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally.

Advertisements This is my favorite chapter and the most powerful, for me.  Don’t. Take. Anything. Personally.  How can we not?  Someone yells out their pickup truck window, “Hey fatass, why don’t you pick up your pace?”   Your best friend lies to you goes out with another friend after cancelling plans.  Your boss yells at youContinue reading “The Four Agreements: Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally.”