The Gift of a Lunatic Part 1 of 2

We got new neighbors last October and it was awkward from the get go.  After they bought the house, they had work done before moving in and we never really got a chance to meet them.  My hubby went over one day while they were outside thinking he would introduce himself but only got a chance to meet the man’s father-in-law who happened to be annihilated at the moment.

Not long after moving in, it was Halloween.  We always walk in a pretty big group with our neighbors across the street, some of their friends, and then part of my hubby’s family and their kids.  Unbeknownst to us, our new neighbors were walking right behind us, but we didn’t know that at the time and didn’t introduced.  Then later realized and it was awkward.

Winter came, the outside world slept.

Spring came, birds started singing again and people started to emerge from their homes.

I was walking one day and the man was outside gathering trash cans, so I introduced myself and met him and his son (who is like 3).   He seemed nice.

Time went on.  The grass grew.  Lawnmower season came.

The neighbor man began to mow onto our yard past the lot line.  Hubby went over to talk to him about where the line is and also about taking down a dead tree in their backyard.  The tree is hideous and has been dead for years.  Last year a big branch of it fell onto our property and caused some damage.  A majority of the tree is still standing and if it comes down into our yard it would fall on our pool or trampoline.

The. Grown. Man. Went. Full. Out. Lunatic.

Cussed at my hubby, declared that really he is not an asshole then he walked in circles cussing some more, then told him he would have the tree taken down when he shit out $800, then proceeded to cuss some more.

We haven’t really spoken to either of them (man and woman) since, and this was back in probably April.  Super awkward, right?

Hubby and I are not seeing this situation the same.  He would like nothing more than for this neighbor to fall into a big hole and disappear forever.  While I hate how this guy acted and really lost any respect I ever had for him, and I will admit that I would be ecstatic if I saw a for sale sign go up at their house, I don’t want to wish anyone ill will.

I feel bad for hubby for having to go through the situation though.  If he yelled at me I would probably be beside myself too.  He says he gets anxious now whenever he sees him outside, not knowing if this guy is going to fly off the handle.  He’s also worried that he’s going to talk smack with other neighbors.  We are cool with everyone, but pretty much stick to ourselves.  We’ll go to a neighbor’s party like once or twice a year, but we don’t want enemies.  But now we feel like we live next to a ticking time bomb.

I’m not too worried about him talking smack.  If he is a giant ass, then they will find out sooner or later.  Personally, whatever he has to say about my hubby or I may hurt my feelings, but really isn’t worrisome to me.

Fast forward to August.  I’ve been hard at work this summer, digging up and going through my soul.  I’ve been acknowledging my life’s gifts– both good and bad.  And so I must examine this gift, whether I want to or not.

My neighbor and this situation is a gift to me, and it is a lesson.  I just don’t know what they are yet.  But, after spending the week reading, writing and reflecting, I realized that I needed to get some more information about our new neighbors.

I found their full names with a public record search and then found them on Facebook, starting with the man.

I do have to say, I found exactly what I was looking for– including clues and ideas about how this situation can be a lesson.  I’m still working on the gift part 🙂

Image result for to be continued

The Four Agreements: Agreement 3 – Don’t Make Assumptions

Kay has met the man of her dreams!  I mean, he’s cute, he has a good job and a nice house and he’s super sweet.  There’s only 1 red flag.  He goes out to the bar for drinks with his friends nearly every single night. Kay wants him to spend more time with her at night, but tells herself that it’s not a problem and that as they fall deeper in love, his love of spending time with friends will lessen and he will spend more nights with her. 

Kay had plans with her best friend on her birthday, but was left stood up at the restaurant.  She called and texted her friend Amy multiple times but it had gone to voicemail.  Kay immediately thought of the text message she sent to Amy yesterday and wondered if Amy took it seriously (it was a total joke), after all, she never texted back.  She waited 15 more minutes and finally left the restaurant thinking that Amy ditched her.  Kay was hurt and angry at Amy, after all, it was her birthday and it was mean to stand her up.  Kay stewed about it until that evening when Amy called.  She had forgotten her phone and had to go assist her mom immediately who was having a medical crisis.  Plans with Kay had totally slipped her mind when she got the call about her mom.  

Both are very different situations, but in both Kay has made assumptions that can cause emotional turmoil.  This is a habit worth exploring.  The italic statements are powerful declarations taken right from the chapter of this book.

We have a tendency to make assumptions about everything.  We make assumptions, then take it personally, then blame them and then we react by sending emotional poison with our word.  

We make assumptions everyday about everyone and every situation.  We just DO. 

All the sadness and drama you have lived in your life was rooted in making assumptions and taking things personally.

We create a lot of emotional poison just by making assumptions and taking it personally, because usually we start gossiping about our assumptions.

Often we make the assumption that our partners know what we think and we don’t have to say what we want.  Then we feel hurt and say, “you should have known.”

We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions. 

We have agreed that it is not safe to ask questions; we have agreed that if people love us then they should know what we want or how we feel. 

To stop making assumptions sounds easy, but can be difficult to do.  It is difficult because we often do exactly the opposite.  We have these habits and routines that we aren’t even aware of.  Understanding the importance of this agreement and becoming aware of our habits is the first step.  

The day your stop making assumptions you will communicate cleanly and clearly, free of emotional poison.  

Without making assumptions, your word becomes impeccable

Just imagine the day that you stop making assumptions with your partner and eventually with everyone else in your life.  Your way of communicating will change completely, and your relationships will no longer suffer from conflicts created by mistaken assumptions.  

I hope this gives you something to think about.  Pick up the book if you are compelled to do so <3

Morning Routine: Peace, Happiness and Productivity

Before I get started, I have a quick celebration to share!  Today I am 128 days sober.  This is uncharted territory for me.  I am feeling strong and excited 🙂

Now that all of our summer trips are done with, I was able to start a nice morning routine and so far have been able to stick with it.

I’ve been trying to get up during the 7-8:00 hour, as that allows me a good deal of time to read and journal.  I’ve been reading The Lotus and the Lily, by Janet Conner.   This is a 30 Day Soul Program and I am really enjoying it.  I am currently on day 13 of 30, so almost halfway through.

Lilly book

This week, I’ve done my reading and reflection in my journal.  Then most days I was able to take Jules to the dog park.  Going to the dog park is therapeutic in itself, I could spend all day there.  One day it was busier than usual, so I left my phone and headphones in the car.  I usually listen to a book or podcast while I walk around the perimeter.  But on this day, I was walking with nothing other than the thoughts in my head.  I reflected on what the reading for that day was about, which was Thought Worms (those negative persistent thoughts in your head that won’t leave you alone).  I was pretty stumped after reading that day’s chapter, but gained much clarity on the subject while I walked around the dog park cuddling all the cute muzzles I encountered.  I was so pumped that I filled my journal when I got home because I didn’t want to forget my ideas.


I’m finding that sometimes after I read, I need some extra time to process the information before applying it to my life.  Time walking around without my earbuds has been helpful and I will continue to purposely leave my phone behind.  I said earlier that I am enjoying this book but wanted to mention it again.  The exercises are easy and quick to read through, and have been helpful for me in regards to finding inner peace.  Having a morning routine came from this book and has helped me stay out of that summer funk that I’m so overly prone to.  I recommend this book if you are looking to pep up your life and cleanse your soul a bit!

I’m not sure if it was having the morning routine, or the daily exercises in general, but this has been the most happy and productive week I’ve had in awhile.  My front flower beds have been looking horrible for at least 4 weeks now.  I hate it because it makes our house look so dumpy from the road, but I just couldn’t get out there– mentally I couldn’t do it and my ankle has been bothering me so that was an excuse too.  Maybe it was realizing that I want my house to look dumpy because I don’t deserve a nice house, well thought I didn’t deserve it (that pesky worm!). But every time I pulled in the driveway the sight of all the weeds gave me feeling of dread.  I finally realized and decided that, YES, I DO deserve to live in a house that doesn’t look dumpy.  I spent a good 3 hours yesterday cleaning up and it was so satisfying 🙂

I’ve been productive in other areas too.   Getting up and focusing on something rather than mindlessly on my phone or watching TV has been so powerful for combating that funk.  I’ve gotten some things done that I’ve been putting off for quite awhile– including getting my oil changed and cleaning out my car–two things that I hate most and try to get out of whenever possible.

I also started physical therapy for my ankle.  This has been SO helpful I only wish that I knew about this resource sooner.  I am doing specific and effective exercises daily at home and going in twice a week.  She does a great massage on my ankle and calf when I go in, it’s terrific!  The best part is that after my ankle is better, she is going to design me an exercise regimen for home to keep all my joints healthy and will tweak it as needed or if I’m having a flair.

In my opinion, ANYONE who is diagnosed with a chronic physical disease should see a physical therapist at least occasionally for maintenance and I’m disappointed that it was never even discussed with me as being an option.  I thought to go on my own and requested a referral, in which my rheumatologist sent me immediately.

OK– that’s my update <3 <3 <3

The Four Agreements: Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally.

This is my favorite chapter and the most powerful, for me.  Don’t. Take. Anything. Personally.  How can we not?  Someone yells out their pickup truck window, “Hey fatass, why don’t you pick up your pace?”   Your best friend lies to you goes out with another friend after cancelling plans.  Your boss yells at you for something that is commonly known to be done by all, how can we not take these things personally?  Furthermore, when these things happen we are left wondering what we could have and should have done differently.

I used to always think that people were mad at me.  I’d see some of my siblings together on social media and quickly wonder why I wasn’t invited and then immediately assume it’s because I am annoying or that someone is angry with me.  Those thoughts would stay with me for the entire day and sometimes longer.

What people think of you is none of your business

This is the first thing that I read that opened the door to this concept. Below is a powerful excerpt from this chapter:

“Nothing other people do is because of you.  It is because of themselves.  All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in.  When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world.  

Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you.  What they say, what they do, and the opinions they give are according to the agreements they have in their own minds.  Thier point of view comes from all of the programming they received during domestication.  

If someone gives you an opinion and says, “Hey, you look so fat.” don’t take it personally, because the truth is that this person is dealing with his or her own feelings, beliefs and opinions.  That person tried to send poison to you and if you take it personally, then you take that poison and it becomes yours.  Taking things personally makes you easy prey for these predators, the black magicians.  They can hook you easily with one little opinion and feed you whatever poison they want, and because you take it personally, you eat it up.  

You eat all their emotional garbage, and now it becomes your garbage.  But if you do not take it personally, you are immune in the middle of hell.  Immunity to poison in the middle of hell is the gift of this agreement.”

I can apply this entire chapter to many different aspects of my life and can see now why I have certain preferences.  For example, I work with 2 women who I tend to steer clear of, and which is no fault of theirs. They both remind me of two people in my extended family that I do not care for, and therefore do not care to socialize with these women if I can help it.  I can see why they would be hurt if they knew that I was avoiding them– but what they need to know is that me avoiding them has nothing to do with them (well except for reminding me of family).

Remember how I said that I used to worry about people being mad at me– or not liking me?  Well, that used to create an enormous conflict in my mind.  I’m thinking that they’re mad at me (WHO is they anyway??) but at the same time I knew I did nothing wrong, so my mind is confused, conflicted and just feels really icky.  Realizing that their actions (and thoughts and words) has nothing to do with me has been so eye opening and powerful for my state of mind.

As I practice this way of thinking, I can see myself getting better at worrying about myself instead of everyone else.  I can also see myself identifying times when the old me would be offended, and realizing the truth of a situation.

For example, during the school year I heard something that made me feel really angry.  One of the teachers I work with blew up at a grade level meeting with my principal and griped about students being pulled from class too much.  I was furious, and took it very personally because I had continuously met with this teacher throughout the year to try to make this situation better.  After I heard this, I had a strong desire to send a nasty email or go down to her classroom and give her an earful, after all, I was livid.  But I had a large group of students for the next hour and had to try to focus on the lesson I was teaching.  After the group left, I had a break and finally had some time to process what I had heard that made me so mad.  Once I thought about it rationally, I realized that this teacher and this situation had NOTHING to do with me.  For real.  Students get pulled from her class all the time, from many different adults, not just me.  For me to get so angry and immediately assume that it was about me was selfish and stupid.  My mistake was hearing something disturbing and not having time to process it before getting upset.  This is going to happen at times, we don’t always hear things at the most optimal times.  A good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours when angry before confronting someone.

I can name countless other examples from my life, or even things that I see on social media.  In fact, I am recommending this book all the time because I’m constantly seeing situations that are nonsense and could be remedied by living the principles of this book.

I hope this was informative and helps you start thinking about how you may take things personally and how it might affect you <3


Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows

It is Sunday morning here– and I am on day 116 alcohol free.  I am feeling pretty dang good about it too.  I just passed my biggest test to date and am probably still relishing in the feeling of success.

Last Saturday my sister came up from Florida for the week.  The weekend was full of festivities including a graduation party for one of my nephews and a graduation dinner for my other nephew– both events contained disgusting amounts of poison juice, but I stayed away.

After the weekend of festivities, my sisters and our kids went up north for the week.  At the cottage, alcohol Was. Everywhere.  I knew early on that I was making huge strides making it through.  My previous relapses helped me stay on course.  In the summer 2017 I relapsed after 93 days of sobriety.  I would continue to drink on and off– stuck in the cycle clear until March 2018 when I was able to get another good sober stretch in.  I relapsed in July 2018 after 127 days of sobriety.  Things in my life all around me seemed out of control and I chose to drink after scout camp with my sister up north. Again, I wasn’t able to get back on track until March of 2019.  ALL of these relapses where it takes me several months to get back on course— SO MUCH WASTED TIME.  All I knew this week is that I DID NOT WANT TO RELAPSE and get stuck in that cycle.  SO I DIDN’T.

The week up north was just absolutely perfect.  The weather could not have been better.  We had hot sunny days and cool nights.  The kids got along beautifully and in retrospect I can’t even think of any of them arguing with each other– at any time– which is rare when you stay together in a small space for several days.  My Florida sister hadn’t been to the cottage in 3 years.  We haven’t all 3 been together in at least 3 years.  We had a grand time.  And we slept like a pile of logs too.

My sister flew home yesterday and I just felt the backdrop of sadness all day long.  It’s a little better today, probably because we chatted like normal before she starts her work.  I know it’ll get better– but her heading home was a reminder of how these days are SO different than the carefree days of our past when our life was still complete, untouched by grief.

On the day we left the cottage, we woke up to a lot of rain, as if the quiet town of Tawas was crying. We had one last get together at my dad’s on Friday night.  The weather was like my mood– bittersweet.  I was happy that we all had such a great week but sad to see it come to an end.   It rained, then the sun came out and there was a giant double rainbow.   It was the same weather yesterday, the day she flew home.  Rainy then sunny and sometimes all at the same time.

Such is life… bittersweet <3

Day 107 — That Funky Feeling

What does being in a funk look like to you?

To me it’s getting up late everyday, not being my best self and having a general feeling of unhappiness that affects my entire day.  It makes it hard to move and even get a shower in.

I don’t have much of an opportunity to get into major funks during the school year.  I have bad days here and there, but generally can’t dwell on feeling depressed day after day.  Summer is different and while it by all accounts SHOULD be the happiest time of the year, it is far from it.

Why are my summers so funky?  I’m pretty sure that I’ve written one or two other summer blog posts over the years titled, Summer Funk– or something like that.  Great weather, low obligations, can stay up late and sleep in, swimming, kayaking, biking, walking, hiking…. so many movement options that can be done in nature– oh boy!  How can I not be ecstatic?


I’m not working out as much as I expected.  I’m not getting as much done around the house as I expected.  I’m not visiting older relatives like I expected.  I’m not eating clean like I expected.  My hubby is on vacation, but has been crabby and spending all his time on video games– totally not what I expected.

I’m not too hard on myself and have tried the gentle approach before, allowing sobriety to be #1 and not worrying too much about anything else (hello extra 20 pounds!)– but that isn’t making me feel any less funky.

This summer started out strong, but quickly derailed this past week.  It’s a combination of hubby being off work and broken routines.  My sister is visiting from Florida for the next week starting tomorrow.  This will be more breaks in the routine and I need to make sure that I stay grounded.  This MAJORLY consists of keeping up on my self-care– which has gone out the window this past week and probably is partially responsible for this FUNK.

Ok.. time to work on my homework, I’ve been putting it off all morning.  It’s time for me to be my best self and to start feeling good again <3




Psychotic Basket Case

Gross week!!

I’ve been a psychotic basket case since Wednesday (mom’s death day). I had a decent day, well most of it although I did end up with the haircut from hell (it is really bad). BUT, my hubby did not acknowledge the day whatsoever and I am still so pissed at him– which makes for a great family vacation. I know to be mad isn’t my best self, but I can’t help it at this moment. I am still mad & stuck in this small cottage with him while the weather has been pretty bad. Ugh! I hate feeling like this 😬😬😬

Yesterday was day 100. My sister was up here with her boxed wine & started drinking in the afternoon. I was so miserable it’s a miracle I didn’t pick up to make myself more desperate. I didn’t want to ruin my streak & I also didn’t want to have to get out of the endless cycle again. I don’t even know if I’d make it out actually & that’s the truth.

SO…… I don’t even know what would make me happy right now… just time, I guess 🙈

I did go to the farmers market this morning. I’ve always liked the one up here, but everything seemed overpriced. I did get lots of produce though & already made fresh blueberry bread because all of the dessert cakes at the market had milk & egg in it. I’m looking forward to cooking up the veggies I got– that’ll help make me happy.

SO… I have my food & my sobriety. Even though I’m feeling psychotic & miserable & my hair looks like Einstein’s, it’s a good day ☀️

D Day July 3rd

I hate today.  I will always hate today.

5 years ago I was up north with my little family waiting for our extended family to join us.  On July 2nd I got a call that my mom was in the ER and needed emergency surgery for a perforated bowel.

I wanted to get the F out of Walmart (we were shopping for groceries when we got the call) and go straight to the hospital almost 3 hours away.  Hubby was more optimistic.  He thought she might even feel well enough to make it up there by the weekend.  We went back to the cottage and grabbed our essentials and headed down.

Hubby dropped me off at the hospital, picked up my nephew and took the kids home to entertain while my sisters and I waited and worried.

She went into the hospital in severe pain, but they had 2 or 3 surgeries ahead of her (one we would later find out was an elective surgery– but they did it before her anyways) so they didn’t get to her surgery until the evening.  She survived the surgery, but we left knowing that she had a very long recovery to go.

We went back to her house and we drank like fish.  We laughed, cried and talked about how we were all going to get pregnant together.  We finally went to sleep around 3am.  We woke up to our phones ringing around 4:30 to get back to the hospital because she was crashing.

When we got there, the ICU doctor took us into a very small room.  She told us that our mom’s heart had stopped and they got it started again but it took a long time and felt like they were assaulting not saving her.  She told us that our mom was on a medication right now that was keeping her alive, but they would eventually have to take her off.  She also said that with her heart stopped for so long, they had no idea if there would be brain damage.  We told her to go ahead and take her off the medication.  It would be what our strong and independent mom would want.

We watched her die.  It is just like in the movies.  On top of that, the hospital plays a lullaby every time a baby is born.  So as I watched my mom die, I listened to a new life coming into this world.  It was eerily similar to the video for Live’s Lightning Crashes video.

That’s my story.  Today is hard.  I’ve always been with at least one sister, but today I am home alone with my kids.  I am going out to lunch with my dad and then going to get my hair done.

Hubby is on vacation after today, and we will head up north either tonight or tomorrow.

I keep telling myself it is just a day, but it affects me even more than I know.

I just hate July 3rd.  The End.

Coming Out

Hi Readers–I need your help!  Day 97 here!  My 100th day is Friday and I’m excited to make it the best day ever!

I’ve been thinking a lot about coming out on Facebook to family and friends.  Mainly I want to do this for accountability– especially with summer festivities in full swing.   I am planning on posting this on Friday but wanted to post here first.

I welcome any and all constructive criticism.  I have no idea if it sounds too long, too wordy, too vague, etc.   Here the draft I came up with:

Today is a special day for me, today I have 100 days of no alcohol! 

My journey began back in the spring of 2016.  I had developed pleural effusion, diagnosed at the ER when I was being checked for a lung clot.  I was told there are many reasons I could have gotten it and to follow up with my general practitioner.  

As I waited for the follow up appointment, I was researching pleural effusion (I had never heard of it prior to this) and found out that it could be caused by liver problems.  Knowing that I was drinking WAY too much, this information kind of put me into panic mode.  

When I went to my general practitioner for my follow up visit, I had decided to ask for help with my drinking– I knew it was time to STOP what I was doing to myself.  I had even researched a local inpatient rehab center and thought I might need to go there in order to help me with this “problem.”

Leveling with the doctor, and being 100% honest about my “problem”  was one of the single handedly least effective things I have done in my life.  He told me that I didn’t belong at the inpatient center– that was for drug addicts (I think those were his exact words– and I know now that this is the most untrue of the untruths).  He told me that his office has a GREAT outpatient program at his office and to call their social worker for more information (he RAVED about this social worker).  

Problem #1 was that the social worker he referred me to no longer was working there.  Problem #2 is that once I DID reach a social worker (same building, different office), she would not let me join her program because I was still actively drinking.  Granted, I didn’t know HOW to stop and every phone call I made seemed to be a dead end. I knew that AA was out there, but honestly, everytime I thought about having to go to an AA meeting I would just start bawling.  

I spent the entire summer thinking that I was nothing but a failure and that no one could help me.  This was all very untrue–there is loads of help out there and shame on the doctors who are completely clueless when it comes to addiction.  

Towards the end of the fall I discovered podcasts that were centered around that taboo topic of sobriety.  As I listened to these stories some ideas became wildly clear to me. First off, it is OK and (somewhat normal) to go to an AA meeting (or another recovery meeting– there are many different options out there).  Secondly, there are SO many people out there who viewed their drinking as problematic and have stopped– people JUST LIKE ME. I instantly felt not so alone. I found a few Facebook groups to join that were recovery based. 

This opened up a whole new world to me.  In fact, as a person who was watching all this wonderfulness, but still not able to get there (I was still drinking at this point), it always reminded me of my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.  I was in black and white kansas and all of these sober people were in the land of Oz, enjoying a colorful and vivid life. I still did not know how to get there.  

I finally decided that I wanted it more than anything else in the world.  The first few days were HARD. It was abnormal and uncomfortable. On the 3rd day it was my late mom’s birthday and Anthony came home to me crying in the kitchen while making dinner.  He hugged me, thinking that I was crying about my mom. I was crying because I still had some boxed wine in the garage and I wanted it, SO fucking bad. I was crying over fucking poisoning myself– not my dear mom, and that haunts me to this day.  

When you make the decision to stop drinking, it’s not abnormal for the process to take a couple or even a few years.  I stopped for over 90 days in 2017 and for 127 days in 2018. I feel that this last time is probably my final time and that I am done with relapsing (God willing).  

The point of this long rambling post, overall, is for my own accountability.  We have a lot of summer parties coming up and I don’t want to get sucked into the cycle again– no matter how appealing it seems.  

Secondly, if you or someone you know needs help feel free to reach out to me.  I still hate the experience I had talking to my doctor– and still shocked and outraged that he was not able to give me ANY useful information with a matter so serious.  How can modern day doctors be so uninformed about such a huge issue in today’s society?  

Lastly, if you think you NEED a drink because of X, Y and Z, consider this:  Alcohol has the same chemical makeup as ethanol (gas). Not only is it truly a toxic poison that does a number on our body, but it affects our brain as well.  I’ve always considered myself an anxious person and was surprised when I noticed my anxiety go way down during sobriety– and for me to feel real joy. There is something beautiful about going through life day in and day out without the need to escape through alcohol.  

Overall, I have much less stress and have developed real coping mechanisms instead of reaching for an instant numbing agent.  If you are a drinker, I have nothing against it–or you, it is just not for ME. I’ve already had my lifetime allotment of it, so I will have to pass.

If are stuck in a cycle and are sick and tired of waking up sick and tired, give me a call <3

The Four Agreements: Agreement 1 – Be Impeccable with your Word

I’m on the upswing of a minor funk, I can feel it.  I think getting out of my comfort zone by going to scout camp and then anxiously waiting for my little’s return kind of put me into a tailspin.

It’s Monday and I’m trying to plan my week so that I can be productive, happy and fulfilled.  I have my 3rd step meeting with Arlina on Thursday, so I have to do some step 3 reading and worksheet.   I also want to get out and walk today (it’s been forever).  Jules has been getting really sluggish on walks, so until we figure out what’s going on with his health, I need to find an inside workout regimen to stick to.  That or riding my bike– but I bought an ankle brace and now my foot is doing SO much better so I want to start running again– might be time to dust off my treadmill.  I also want to get back to the Lotus and the Lilly 30 day soul book, which I started way back in March.   SO much to do & all fun stuff too!!  OH and I need to go to a meeting.  I’m planning on going today and maybe 1 or 2 other days this week (they are conveniently every week day at noon and like a mile down the road– it doesn’t get any easier than that).


The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz 

Image result for the four agreements

I call the Four Agreements my life’s bible.  I strongly believe that the four simple principals promoted in the book can be used and applied to any situation.  This book has helped my anxiety with relating to others immensely and I want to write about my experience with applying the principals.

The first rule of this book is to be impeccable with your word.

While this seems fairly straight forward it takes on many subtle and profound aspects as you begin to practice. Very simply to be impeccable with your Word is to use your Word in the direction of love and truth. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

How we apply this agreement in practice can be complicated. For instance, suppose we have a good friend and are friends with their spouse as well. We’ve found out that the spouse is cheating on our friend. It is in the direction of truth to tell our friend that their partner is cheating on them. On the other hand delivering the message and facts is not very kind and loving and will hurt their feelings. It also might not be considered very respectful to inject our nose into the business of other people’s relationship. In these critical situations being impeccable with your word can appear to go either way.

You can create how you feel emotionally by generating emotions, and then you feel them. You can create dynamics of respect in relationship by being silent and listening attentively. You can create a different experience for your self and others by refraining from an emotional reaction. You create an income for your self by how well you express caring in the activity of your work. You create a different self image of your self by putting the power of your faith in a thought you have about your self. This can happen in a very subtle and almost passive way of just accepting what you think about your self as true.

You express in a multitude of ways through out the day and being impeccable with your Word applies to all of them.

Silence can be Impeccable

Silence is an expression. And sometimes silence and refrain says a lot more than words can. Your actions are a part of how you create. To hit someone doesn’t fall into the category of expressing your self in the direction of love and truth. To greet someone with a kiss on the cheek is an expression that says more than a thousand words can.

Your Fears go against your Self

To live with existing fears in your mind doesn’t fall into the category of being impeccable. Maintaining fears of public speaking, asking someone out on a date, or a fear of failing is not in the direction of love for your self. Keeping your self in fear is an ongoing expression in your own mind that causes you to hold back in your actions of love for your self and others. Fear is at the heart of NOT being impeccable.

To Be Impeccable with Your Word is not as simple as it sounds. When you explore the meaning of this agreement your understanding will expand. You will begin to pay attention to the smaller moments of the day. Thoughts that used to go unnoticed or passing comments that seemed to be no big deal before become significant. As you become aware of the subtle expressions of the day this agreement becomes more challenging than one originally thought.

To really master being impeccable will require that you heighten your awareness not just to the words you say, but also to the emotions you express, your attitude, your actions, and where you express the power of your belief. You will need to develop a discipline of mindfulness to be impeccable in these expressions through out the day.

To Be Impeccable with Your Word is an art requiring constant vigilance. It is not something that you can decide to do one day and master by the end of the week. The mastery of any art, like music, painting, or sculpture, requires practice. To master the way you express your emotions, actions, thoughts, beliefs, will take practice just like any other art. In the beginning it will be challenging to just learn the basic skills.

You too will let go of what you created in your life years ago, and work on bigger and better creations as you develop. Each day is an opportunity to create a new piece of art with your life. Last years art is already far behind you. Learn, grow, and develop your skills through your creations, but don’t let them define you as an artist.

When you apply the practice of doing your best to be impeccable you discover that it has incredible rewards. To express your self in the direction of truth and love allows you to create your life as a masterpiece of beauty.

To master being impeccable with your word will take many moments of practice. You will likely throw away many of your attempts as being clumsy and not what you want. But that is okay. For with each action and attempt, you improve as the artist of your life.

Be careful not to believe the judgments that are likely to come from that inner judge. Make a commitment to do your best everyday and it will help you avoid self judgments as you practice and improve. Remember that in the midst of all these expressions that the real art you are working on is your self and you are worth taking time for.


A few weeks ago, one of the teachers at my school came into my room to complain, she was visibly upset.  Our secretary, and older, very outspoken and sometimes downright rude individual, had bad mouthed her to another staff member.  One of the things that was so upsetting was that she was about to retire and had tried to make every aspect of this school year a positive “last” but this was a painful memory that she would remember for a long time and would cast a shadow on her retirement.

She basically came into my room to vent, because sometimes you just need a listening ear.  So I listened and sympathized.  This book came up in our conversation, as I knew this teacher has read it and so has our secretary.  The teacher told me that she was going to talk to her about what she said and how it affects the morale of the staff.  I suggested she recommends this book to her (athough I know she HAS read it– but isn’t applying the rules to herself..).

Sometimes when you are talking to someone who you are really close to, it’s easy to talk and (sometimes) giggle at other people.  I question myself ALL THE TIME.  The bonus is that most people that I’m close to has read this book, so they all know what I’m talking about when I start to scrutinize our actions (Are we being gossipy?  Am I being impeccable with my word?)   It most always promotes positive and productive conversations– and allows us to establish norms that are not going to spread poison.  In most cases the person and I either agree that, “Yes, we are being rude and judgy and it’s not helping anything so we need to stop” or “No, if he was here with us he would be laughing too, so we are laughing with him, it is ok.”

One last thing I want to say about being impeccable with your word.  I don’t (can’t) trust people who spend time talking about others behind their back.  It is Not. A. Good. Look.  If you’re talking about X, Y or Z behind their back, then I’m SURE you’re talking about ME behind my back.  Perfect example of this is my school secretary.  After you read this blog, you are going to think that she’s absolutely dreadful.  That is not the case, but she is a gossip.  Not in a mean way, more like a lovingly grandmotherly type of way.  BUT, while I love her, I generally keep my distance because I know that whatever I tell her is likely to come out, possibly in a distorted way.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the first principal of The Four Agreements.