Day 3, Again..

I can’t seem to string more than a sober week together these days. What happened?  Badness.  Not goodness.   Something so stupid it is embarrassing. I last wrote on Saturday.  Two days later we headed up north for a week of relaxation. We got up on Monday afternoon and went to Walmart shortly after forContinue reading “Day 3, Again..”

Day 2

I decided after writing yesterday to dump out the remaining alcohol.  I didn’t want to plan on drinking last night– or any of the future nights. I’ve established a pattern with my relapses.  This pattern began after my initial 92 days of sobriety that started back in February 2017. The relapse starts with an urge.Continue reading “Day 2”

Family Fun Day at the Beach, 7-8-17

It was an interesting day yesterday at the beach party. Some of the people I was with were drinking and some weren’t. My dad and his friend were drinking mixed drinks with vodka out of a cream soda bottle. He was pretty buzzed and it was weird. I would have enjoyed drinking along with himContinue reading “Family Fun Day at the Beach, 7-8-17”