Let’s Do This!

Day 1 for me, yet again.  This time I feel ready.  I am so incredibly excited for a long stretch of sobriety.  I’m continuing to learn and build up my toolbox and I’m optimistic about the future.


I can list 50 reasons why/excuses, but will spare you.   THIS is what I want to get out of this situation:  When the next crisis happens (and it will– it’s called life!), WHAT can I do differently?  I was so strong that first night but then as more stress was added I just DID NOT want to feel anymore.  

Life on Life’s Terms

When I called my dad, I learned that my uncle, a police officer, had been hit by a car.  He was helping at the scene of an accident and was hit by a college student.  He was in the ICU with an extensive brain injury and that his condition was very critical. 

Letter to My Spouse: The Pink Elephant in the Room– My Drinking

I am SO happy with our life.  I love the life that we’ve built.  We have terrific kids and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive spouse. This is the majorly confusing part for me.  This one thing, this one little thing is the only thing that is making me unhappy.  I should have control over it, but it seems to have complete control over me.

Finding My Tribe

One common theme that came from the table was the fact that these people had everything in their life together.   They were smart, good at their jobs, could solve the most sophisticated  problems, yet they could not stop alcohol from taking charge of their lives.  Wake ups are the same for everyone suffering.  Waking up feeling half-dead, swearing that today will be different– yet evening rolls around and the urge is too strong– alcohol wins yet again. 

Christmas 2017, a Wrap… Yet?

Merry Christmas morning! This is a tough day for many. Whether you are missing someone who is no longer here, overwhelmed by family obligations or just stressed with the expectations that come with this time of the year, don’t forget to Just Breathe. I will be needing to take this advice throughout the day. IContinue reading “Christmas 2017, a Wrap… Yet?”

My Double Life

What I want to say is: “I’m in recovery.  I’m searching for a sponsor and an AA group to fit into.  I struggle nearly Every. Single. Day.  I listen to audiobooks and/or podcasts daily that are recovery based.  I know relapse like the back of my hand.  Remember Dylan McKay in the old 90210 episodes?  Remember how his relapses went?  Yep, that’s pretty realistic, and similar to me during an ugly relapse.”   

December Blips

I’m trying really hard to not be depressed during this holiday season.  I miss my mom and wish she was here.  I wish I could ask her about her wine habit and talk about my journey with her.  I never thought in a million years that she had an alcohol problem, but now I wonder if she drank more than she wanted to.  It now annoys me that I drank so much at most family parties and wish I had more sober conversations with her.  This is turning into a big ramble…


End of day 2. Not a totally great day but better than yesterday. Quite a bit of frustration this evening with my kiddos, their homework, the animals, getting stuff done for tomorrow, etc. BUT.. the work day was much better to get through without a hangover. I DID have the urge to drink tonight whileContinue reading “I CAN”