The Voices in my Head

Advertisements It’s been 899 days since I was last in the shackles of Vodka. I feel free. Life is so simple, yet so good I’m not worried about much these days. And when my worries become unleashed, I pull out my shock collar to put them in their place. My head is no place forContinue reading “The Voices in my Head”

Day #893 – Peace and Suffering

Advertisements September 6, 2017: Black Shroud “When you’re drinking, it’s kind of like your life is clouded with a dark shroud.  The sun is less bright, jokes are less funny, semi stressful situations seem impossibly daunting and the list goes on. I’m not sure why I chose to do this to myself the week ofContinue reading “Day #893 – Peace and Suffering”

Being Weird

Advertisements Day 879 Yesterday was a family birthday party at the beach. MAN, these used to stress me out so bad! Even just as little as six months ago, I would sometimes be a mess right before or right after- or both! Yesterday I nailed it. Even though the same family members brought the sameContinue reading “Being Weird”

Day 868

Advertisements So many things in life are confusing these days, but not in a bad way. It feels more like an “on the edge of your seat” kind of way. Everything that I’ve learned and keep learning in my personal development stresses the absolute importance of letting go. So when tornados are forming around me,Continue reading “Day 868”

Namago: The ego in me…

Advertisements I’m coining a new term, namago. To me, it means: The ego in me recognizes the ego in you. A common translation for namaste is: the light in me, recognizes the light in you. You see, I’m learning how to handle my emotions, and to keep my cool, but sometimes I lose it. IContinue reading “Namago: The ego in me…”

Day 844 – I Can Self-Soothe

Advertisements Last Saturday got interesting after my I posted about my kiddo. I was taking care of him and thinking that he should be at a hospital, well I got my wish, I guess. Sometime after I wrote, he started to run a fever and it began to rise fast. He was too painful toContinue reading “Day 844 – I Can Self-Soothe”

Can’t Touch This

Advertisements Every now and again the Universe forces me to slow way down. This is one of those times. My oldest has had a painful cyst all week that has slowly gotten more debilitating. It’s not a common thing, so we didn’t get proper care to begin with. It started about 11 days ago. IContinue reading “Can’t Touch This”


Advertisements Am I powerless? As a whole person, I believe that’s a hard no. However, when it comes to alcohol, I bow down to it. Its seductive grip has stolen years. It’s sneaky too. It’ll creep right up on you and then gaslight you when you try to back away. It’ll get into every cellContinue reading “Powerless”

July 3rd

Advertisements I always loved the fourth of July, as our family usually always spends it up north, with friends and family and near sun and water. But back in 2014, my mom suddenly died on July 3rd. The day she died should have been the day she met us at the cabin. Instead, my familyContinue reading “July 3rd”

Letting Go of a Toxic Friend

Advertisements January 2021 Drinking: First you take a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes you. Drinking: One is too many and one thousand isn’t enough. Once you take the first one, it takes over. At this point, I’m legitimately terrified of taking a drink and hope that I alwaysContinue reading “Letting Go of a Toxic Friend”