Big Bertha

Advertisements I’ve neglected our yard for years. Not exaggerating- years.  One giant bush, in particular, has been looking really hideous. I spent all of summer 2020, and maybe even 2019, looking at the dead vines and branches covering it, and thinking that I need to cleaning it up. Well, in late May, I saw aContinue reading “Big Bertha”

Counting Days

Advertisements Day 817 Humans like to count and measure. At what point does it stop serving its purpose? Who cares what day it is, we’re all just a sip away- it truly doesn’t matter, does it? The Recovery Elevator app is full of measuring tools. Mine currently says that I’ve gained over 1,000 productivity hoursContinue reading “Counting Days”

Eight Hundred Days

Advertisements It’s been 800 days since my last alcoholic beverage. Do I think about drinking a lot?  Nope, not really. Occasionally I crave a drinking session with hubby or a friend, where we laugh way too loud at meaningless things and wake up feeling horribly, not just physically- but mentally and emotionally too. The lastContinue reading “Eight Hundred Days”

Ego and Resistance, the Defiant Duo

Advertisements Day #798        Wednesday, June 2, 2021 My mission in life has become to do whatever I need to do in order to stay in a state of happiness. Everytime I think I’ve cracked the code, my mind laughs at me. Since returning to work and dealing with typical work stress likeContinue reading “Ego and Resistance, the Defiant Duo”

Honey, I Killed Your Ego

Advertisements If only it were that easy. If only I could don my superhero costume and go rescue my hubby’s soul… imprisoned by years of manipulation and abuse from his ego. It’s like the old devil and angel on your shoulder, you know, the wolf you feed? We all have a devil and an angel,Continue reading “Honey, I Killed Your Ego”

Are We Sure ‘Stuff’ Doesn’t Make Us Happy?

Advertisements Day #717, Saturday March 13, 2021  Yesterday was a gorgeous March Friday in Michigan. In celebration of the great weather we’ve had all week, I ventured out to do some leisurely shopping at TJ Maxx. The only thing that I was specifically looking for was a St. Patty’s Day mask. Anything else that IContinue reading “Are We Sure ‘Stuff’ Doesn’t Make Us Happy?”

Back to School

Advertisements February 28, 2021 Day #704 My boys, who have been attending school two days per week, are going back full time starting tomorrow. Five FULL days, which is amazing! They are kind of salty about it, and are complaining that they won’t be able to social distance. Anthony and Andrew are in their seniorContinue reading “Back to School”

Day 676 – What’s in Your Garden?

Advertisements “We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way We are.” -Talmud I used to see the world through a different set of eyes, because of the way I was. I’ve changed, and so has the landscape I look at everyday. But it’s not the landscape that has changed. IContinue reading “Day 676 – What’s in Your Garden?”

Always Watching

Advertisements My oldest kiddo is a huge Tetris fan. When one of the most well known champs passed away recently, he was in shock. He told me about a headline he saw, saying Jonas Neubauer has died, which he thought was a joke. Then he told me about his wife’s Twitter statement, confirming the awfulContinue reading “Always Watching”

Day 653

I think of the years I spent, writing on here, about day 1 after day 1 after day 1. At times I felt like a sham, “Hi , me again, I F***ed up yet again.” Feeling like a sober imposter.