When Getting Through the Day is a Struggle 7-27-16

Advertisements I am depressed, clinically.  I should make an appointment with a therapist and talk about getting on some medication. I haven’t stopped drinking this week.  I wonder how much that is playing into my depression.  I’m going to try an experiment.  I’m going to try to not drink tonight and see if I wakeContinue reading “When Getting Through the Day is a Struggle 7-27-16”

Painful and Thankful 7-1-16

Advertisements Life is good.  I have been trying to eat as clean (per elimination diet protocol) as much as possible.  I haven’t had coffee all week.  I drank Monday and Tuesday (normal amounts).  On Wednesday, I had an informal union meeting at an Irish Pub.  I did have two glasses of Riesling (was very strong).Continue reading “Painful and Thankful 7-1-16”