Betsy Takes Advantage

TWO things to report on today, one is good and one is bad. The good: I’ve been trying to set up a lunch date with a friend of mine. She texted me this morning that her live-in boyfriend broke up with her and that she still wanted to make plans but may need to change the dayContinue reading “Betsy Takes Advantage”

Family Fun Day at the Beach, 7-8-17

It was an interesting day yesterday at the beach party. Some of the people I was with were drinking and some weren’t. My dad and his friend were drinking mixed drinks with vodka out of a cream soda bottle. He was pretty buzzed and it was weird. I would have enjoyed drinking along with himContinue reading “Family Fun Day at the Beach, 7-8-17”

Day 6 Ya’ll!! 7-6-17

No desire to drink yet.  Had a very boring night last night.  Still didn’t desire to drink. Read my book and went to bed early.  I wanted to get up early and walk, but I couldn’t sleep well and I am super tired and achy today. I am planning on going at least for aContinue reading “Day 6 Ya’ll!! 7-6-17”