Big Bertha

I’ve neglected our yard for years. Not exaggerating- years. 

One giant bush, in particular, has been looking really hideous. I spent all of summer 2020, and maybe even 2019, looking at the dead vines and branches covering it, and thinking that I need to cleaning it up.

Well, in late May, I saw a different picture outside my bedroom window. I saw vibrant green baby branches, trying to escape the smothering rotted vines holding them down. Suddenly, this inanimate monstrosity was speaking directly to me, and she said “help!”

And I did. 

And it was like no other yard work I’ve done before.

I got lost in it, for several days, not literally, although I can see why you might think that could happen..

Guess what? It’s over a month later and I’m still not done cleaning up Big Bertha. I did get a majority of the vines off the top, so there are lots of little Baby Birtha’s maturing nicely. 

It wasn’t stressful like yard work used to be. Instead of wondering and thinking about when I’d be done, and how great it would feel, I enjoyed working out in the hot sun doing something physical. On the days that I had to leave the bush suddenly, it was no problem, I dropped everything and knew I’d return in a few days or maybe even a week or two. 

This would have annoyed me in the past. So much that if I thought it might happen, I’d skip out on the yard work completely. How silly is that?



Bertha’s baby branches trying to survive 

Jules has been enjoying yard work too!

Can you see somewhat of an improvement?

So that’s been the theme of this summer- doing whatever makes me happy at the moment. It might be yard work. It might be reading or writing, or meditating. Or it might be a nap or to give the dog a bath. 

All while trying not to think about the end result- which is a defect of mine- and just enjoying the task at hand- without worrying about the other chores that have to get done. And if I do, then I try to catch myself and ask myself which of those things actually must to get done, if any. 

So yeah, it’s been an amazing and low stress summer so far!! Day 822 is treating me very well. 


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