Self Love is a Superpower

Day #808

I am this many years old (44) when I found out that self love is a superpower.

In fact, it may be the most effective force within us.

And it goes both ways.

I read something yesterday that resonated in a big way. When we don’t deal with our inner trauma, we run from ourselves. This hit me especially hard when I look at the most difficult people in my life. Describes them to a tee- they won’t or can’t deal with their trauma and therefore have become difficult/unpredictable and hateful. They continue to put themselves in harmful situations, but it is always someone else’s fault.

The trauma we hold in can stem from big, or little things. For me, it was mostly little things. For my entire life I ignored anything the least bit traumatic and packed it away to live forever in the bottom of my intestines.

Then I got sick. Sick in the mind, body and spirit.

I knew things weren’t right. We moved, had a baby, moved, had another baby, I lost my mom suddenly, we moved again, and then I surrendered to alcohol. This changed everything.

Alcohol was the only thing that quieted the subtle turmoil inside. Without it, the mind would become unbearable by evening hours, until it made me believe I deserved or needed a drink (which would then turn into drinking until passing out).

Thankfully I evolved. I got even sicker and tried many many times to stop drinking, until finally I had enough day 1’s to never want another one ever again.

When you stop numbing yourself, you start to see the truth in things.

I apologized.

I had difficult conversations.

I began to live life as I love it, instead of trying to escape it.

But it wasn’t life I was running from, it was myself, or maybe just my mind.

Now I have nothing to run from.

Sometimes, when I’m really grounded, I instinctively reach inside to find comfort.

The very thing that used to terrify me is now a source of comfort.

And knowledge, as I look inside to seek guidance.

What does this have to do with self love?


I’ve been at both ends, and can see how loving or hating yourself affects everything in your life.

You move different. You see different. You talk different. You think different. You act different …

When we begin to love ourselves, we begin to notice all of the love around us.

We start to see the love coming from others, as our body radiates love.

We realize that we truly can do anything we put our mind to.

We stop being the victim of ourselves.

And our former scary world becomes loving and beautiful.

It’s shocking to me how this powerful nugget of knowledge remains so well hidden- like the world’s best hidden secret.

I mean, we often hear about the importance of loving ourselves, but do we really truly believe it?

I hope you believe it a little more now..

It starts with a single action of love. A bit of exercise, a nutritious meal, an overdue coffee date with a friend, a six hour Netflix binge with popcorn & ice cream (sometimes my body and spirit needs this – although its a fine line for me of self-care vs. laziness).

Sometimes it starts with not doing something. Quitting drinking, especially the first few times when I just had to trust how wonderful it would be, was a huge act of self love, and one that caused an avalanche of positivity.

Every single day I love myself by not drinking, and trust me, it’s sometime that I rarely think about, but the impact of it lives on & on.

So, will you nurture your superpower and show yourself some love today? 🧡

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I am a mom of boys, wife, furmom, gardner, walker, runner, teacher, reader, writer and cook. I am 42 years old and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I love my job as an elementary special education teacher. The most remarkable quality of mine is that I'm a recovering alcoholic.

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