No Vision Board


I’ve been working on this vision board for two days and I’m stumped.

I’m afraid it’s going to look exactly like my last one, with lots of fresh food and workout pictures, plus writing successes.

I want to be specific.

I don’t want to be too specific.

I may be afraid of commitment.

What do I want for 2021?

I want to finish a book! I have a ton of ideas and several books started with the intention of “whipping it out and self-publishing in a week’s time.” But then I get bored and abandon the WIPs.

I want to learn about chakras and how to do Reiki. I bought a course for $16 over the summer and have finally started it.

I want to learn more about intuition and our 6th sense, and get better at accessing these.

I want to continue to improve my diet, by decreasing processed foods. I want to learn more about using supplements to help my body where and when it needs it.

I want to be a better parent. There are a lot of areas for me to improve on here. Mainly, we need more structure & follow through. We are both so bad with follow through…

So… back to the board I go….

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I am a mom of boys, wife, furmom, gardner, walker, runner, teacher, reader, writer and cook. I am 42 years old and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I love my job as an elementary special education teacher. The most remarkable quality of mine is that I'm a recovering alcoholic.

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