We Do Recover


Day #619- Really it took something like 1300 days to get here, but who’s counting?

I’m reminiscing today. Back in 2016 or 2017 I was having a conversation with a colleague at the Keurig machine one early morning.

I was in a sad state.

Hungover, head pounding, puffy face and eyes and not sure that I was going to make it through the morning without getting sick.

My colleague was in a sad state too.

He shared that he had a soccer game the previous night and was having some difficulties due to an injury.

Soccer game at eleven pm on a Thursday night?  I thought he was insane!  And he had a new baby at home. I kind of was thinking he was a weirdo, to be honest.

Today I messaged that same colleague because I want on a soccer team, and knew that he would have good info for me to find a noncompetitive league.

I played in 4th grade, and was bad at first, but not too bad by the end of the season. I ended up on a team with kids from a different school, so I didn’t go on after that season. I often regret it, and wonder how different things would be for me if I stuck with it.

I’ve been doing a lot of different things lately and thought of this, and it sounds like so much fun! Sadly, my friend let me know that due to Covid, summer 2021 will be the soonest probably that I can play.

It’s crazy how much our perception can change in such a short time, relatively.

WHO’S the weirdo now?



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