Day 612 and the Ancy Ego


I feel like I grew a little this Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m more focused on what I need to feel peaceful and honoring that. In the past I was too compliant and felt way too bad skipping a holiday. Have I become selfish?

Having a trip planned for Christians has been the best therapy for the holiday stress I normally feel.

It’s ironic because hubby always has time off at Christmas and asks me just about every year if I want to go away for Christmas.

And every year it was the same response, “We can’t go away, it’s Christmas.”

Who made up these arbitrary life rules anyway?

This year I jumped at the idea, and you know what? I’ve never been so excited for Christmas in my entire adult life! Additionally, instead of our parents being mad at us, they seem happy for us

Now I know traveling during a pandemic might seem careless, and maybe it is, but we will be staying with my sister and will do our best to stay safe.

One of the things I like best about being where I’m at mentally, is that I can see my growth. Many times when situations arise, I can imagine what my ‘old self’ would do and knowing how I felt it makes perfect sense. NO wonder why I always struggled, I think my ego, or that voice in my head was like 99% to blame.

My ego was on fire about everyone leaving me on Thanksgiving and really tried to rile me up, for like the whole week beforehand.

The old me didn’t know that voice has one mission and it’s to sabotage my life. The old me thought that voice was real, and what it was saying is true, but it’s not.

Today hubby is helping his aunt & uncle move. The old me would have been pissed that he has to waste yet another day of this long weekend with his dreadful family.

When he told me, my ego shouted with anger. I quickly put her in her place and then I told him I would go and help him,

He didn’t ask me to accompany him, but said to me last night, “I’m so happy you’re coming with me.”

It’s a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning and I feel good helping family (I’ve always liked his aunt and uncle they are so sweet). I’m grateful that I’m not at home sulking and crying that I have SO much to do and no help from hubby (yeah, there’s my ego again trying to overwhelm me).

So happy happy day 612

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