Foodie Family Fun

Life during a pandemic can get old & monotonous. My family & I have begun some fun routines.

It all started with a bulgar bowl.

At the start of the school year, all of our boys were at school on Fridays & hubby & I worked from home. We treasured these days, with a quiet house, and celebrated with lunch from our favorite take-out joint. One day I tried a bulgar bowl instead of the usual falafel wrap and it became an instant favorite, plus it was fun to say ☺️

But then it became a ‘vulgar bowl’ & soon Fridays were called ‘Vulgarbowl Fridays.’

Then it expanded to the weekend. Kind of like Super Bowl weekend, but this is Vulgar Bowl weekend, and the goal is to be vulgar, which isn’t very hard living with a tween, two teens and a 40+ year old man-child (I mean, not that vulgar, all in good fun).

This was planned to go until the end of 2020, to make the year more jolly. The way things are looking, we may need to expand it 😯

Next, we started an early morning Tim Horton’s tradition- Tim Tuesday’s. It began as an impromptu date with my youngest, but it quickly became a routine. Anyone is invited and the only requirement is to be ready by 6am, and to wake me if I’m not up. Tuesday is one of two in-person school days for the kids, this makes it a fun start.

Our last Foodie Fun groove is, ‘Frothy Fridays.’ This includes a hot drink next to the fire as we wait for the bus on Friday mornings. Friday is the second in-person school day of the week and this makes for a nice start. It actually started as a silly suggestion on a Thursday night. I didn’t think much of it the next morning, but my youngest said, ‘You should have woken me up for that special thing.”  “Ooooooh!” I responded. “Don’t worry, we can drink hot chocolate while you eat your cereal by the fire.” 

It was such a silly little thing, I was surprised he remembered, let alone got excited about it at age 12. It made me realize that it really is the little things, that are the big things. Really, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Tim’s hot chocolate, a gourmet meal, or a game of Uno and hot drink by the fire or in a favorite spot– with great music of course. 

Day #604  


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