Day #560 Everything’s Weird


It is lunchtime and absolutely gorgeous out for October. The entire family is working from home today, and hubby and I are spending our lunch on the deck. It’s a sunny 66 degrees, but very windy. We have the small fire table on and it feels good.

We both have to be back to work on calls at 1:00. I will be giving my first virtual DRA test to one of my 3rd graders. I hope it goes ok.

Wednesdays are interesting in that our kids have zoom calls for most of their classes. It’s funny to see them showing off their pets, working with a partner, and setting their alarm for an early meeting, while I nonchalantly drink my coffee and chat with my sister (being at the elementary level, I start later than them). It’s all funny and weird. They all think it’s funny to see me work with kids too.

What a funny little blip in history this will be! We’ll talk about it for the rest of our lives, I’m sure. As much as I dislike work right now, it’s IS nice to be able to work from home. So I’m mad at myself for feeling so miserable and unhappy when I know that when this changes and I have to work out of the house all the time, I’m going to miss this a lot- I bet.

So yeah, I worked from home would normally be getting home around now and have to do the things I’ve already done, like my workout and all my laundry (clean and put away). So it’s not even 5:00 and I feel pretty accomplished, so now I can spend the evening doing things that I want to do.

This sounds like a really peachy entry. In reality, the world seems to be in total chaos, especially the United States. The election next month is going to have huge repercussions either way. I think that was part of my stress last week- just an accumulation of some really big things that I have no control over. I’ve really had to dial it back and am going to have to continue to do so.

That’s all I have to say today. Peace and love to all <3

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