Dead Birds


For the longest time, I haven’t been the biggest fan of birds.

I think it started when I was a teenager working at the vet clinic. We had an avian doctor and I hated, repeat hated working with the birds. They were so delicate, you could crush them with the wrong move of your finger, yet some of the exotic birds were strong enough to take off your finger. If a bird was sick, we sometimes took x rays and/or drew blood from it’s tiny veins. None of this was fun and I would do anything to get out of a bird appointment.

The big birds around here aren’t always so nice. The geese sometimes chase me on my bike (I admit to verbally honking at them occasionally) and the swans have threatened to overturn my kayak. We had a huge herrin eating all the fish in our pond one year. Plus, they poop everywhere, gross. Oh, and there’s an eagle up north who watches our small dogs looking pretty hangry and I’m paranoid one of the little ones is going to become a meal.

And I can’t forget the darn pelicans in South Florida. They attacked all the tourists feeding the tarpon fish and we had to Kung-Fo them to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, my oldest wasn’t fast enough.


But I don’t want any creature to suffer, not even the most pretentious avian varieties.

Yesterday Will and Andrew came inside talking about a huge frog in the pond that was flopping around. Well, I’ve never seen our frogs flopping in the pond so I went outside to see.

He had something in its mouth. It looked like a twig, but what I was seeing was actually a bird’s leg. My first thought was that the frog was choking. I yelled for the boys to help, I mean that frog needed the heimlich or something. Hubby came out said he’s fine, he’s just eating and we should take away his meal. Maybe he was right, so I walked away, not wanting to see the outcome. The frog was ok, but the bird was too big to eat (warning, graphic photo below).

I left the bird there, thinking someone would eat it. It’s a day later and still there so I guess I should get it out.

I felt bad & actually had the boys write about the experience later that day. It was an exciting, but sad thing to see.

The following day I was taking a walk. As I passed the library, I came across a dead bird. (Another graphic photo)

I don’t believe in coincidences, and wondered what was going on and why I was plagued by dead birds. So I asked the Internet god; Google.

Spiritual meanings often have different interpretations and I’m going to have to side with the ‘Others’ on this one.

I have been increasingly edgy as school is scheduled to begin soon. This week is important, as it’s my first official week back. It has been the old brain vs. the heart battle, and my heart continues to mourn how things used to be while my brain knows things needed to change.

One thing I’m sure about is that I’m ready to kiss this year goodbye and welcome the new beginnings.

So thanks, Others. I’m taking that outlook & running with it

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