Coronavirus Aftermath- The Good


Life isn’t feeling much different these days. Some things are much different, and probably will be for a long time and that is ok.

For example, I had my first in-office doctor visit this week. I had done many virtual visits during the pandemic, including a visit with my rheumatologist, hematologist, general doctor, urgent care for an eye infection and I think that might be it.

The visit was quick and easy. They are scheduling at 80% capacity, instead of the normal 3 X’s the capacity that they normally schedule. My doctor said that even if there is a second wave of the Coronavirus they will stay open because now they are prepared to do so safely. She said they spray the entire room with cleaner after each patient. This is what the normally bustling waiting room looked like:

Weird vibes in the waiting room.

I have to admit that I’m not so eager for some things to go back to normal.

We celebrated our 19th anniversary two days ago. He worked all day, but we had some fun too during his breaks. After work, we were going to go out for dinner but decided to order Mexican carryout instead. We ate on the deck and then sat on the pool deck for a while just talking the night away. It was one of the most simple anniversaries that we’ve had, but will probably be one of my favorites. One of the best parts is that after being stuck home with three kids for over three months, they were ALL gone on the day of our anniversary. It was random, but wonderful and I thanked the Universe profusely.

Today my department, the academic support teachers, are getting together at a friend’s house. The host is our ringleader. She was my mentor and we team taught when I first was hired in at RO in 2012. Usually these types of gatherings are something I kind of dread. I’m a homebody and sometimes don’t feel like socializing. Today, and all week, I have been SOOOOOOOOO excited to see my friends!!! I can’t wait for this gathering. I was so excited last week at the clap out parade to see all my work friends. It was an amazing feeling and so unfamiliar to me, as I’ve always taken my friends and family for granted.

So now I’m an extrovert, lol.

In all seriousness, there are some things that have been great that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the Coronavirus. Let’s take a look:

  1. After a lifetime of thinking that we would drive each other crazy during retirement, I’m now confident that we will get along just fine. Ironically, after this quarantine, I feel closer and more in love with him.
  2. Karma Revolution. I will always have fond memories when I think of this story. Without COVID, this story wouldn’t have existed. It has made my family laugh- a lot. The whole process was great, and I was able to include my family because they were the only brains around to drill. This is my first story to be published and I think has given me the motivation to plow forward with writing my three novel series that I started five years ago. I’ve been working on it for hours this week and the once daunting task that I couldn’t start has been coming easily to me. For days this week I got lost in my writing and can’t stop thinking about the story that has been in my head since 2015, or maybe longer. I would love it to be a bestseller, and to have it be made into a movie, but I’m not asking that of my story. My goal is to get it out of my head and onto the paper. Then my goal is to go through the process which is still unfamiliar to me. I know need I’ll Beta readers, and things like that. I plan to send my story to about 77 publishers and I’m expecting to get around 76-77 rejection letters. Then I will self-publish. Even if I sell just one copy (to myself) it’s still a win. I got the story out of my head and will not die with my music still inside (thank you Wayne Dyer). I don’t think I would be this motivated if it weren’t for getting Karma Revolution published, which required COVID.
  3. Hubby working from home. This saves him two hours everyday from not having to commute. They are bringing people back slowly next month, but you know what? He is way more efficient and less stressed at home, so he is going to continue working from home unless he needs to be there for some reason. He figures once everything is completely back to normal, he’ll still work from home about three days per week.
  4. New projects for hubby at work. He works for a large furniture company. There was a project they were going to outsource for a big chunk of money. Then COVID hit and they laid off 60% of employees and closed all the stores. Anthony was able to take on the project, delegate some of it to his team members and it ended up being a great thing. He did a great job and beamed after the meetings where he showed it to the CIO and other high flyers- and he saved this company a boat load of money. This would not have happened if they didn’t close because of COVID.
  5. I am now a hugger. I used to hate hugs. Hugs are still weird because of COVID. At the parade last week, Shellie came up to me and offered a hug but said it was ok if I didn’t want to. I think I hugged that woman 14 times that day!
  6. Socializing is fun and exiting now. And don’t even start about going out. I don’t even drink, but would love to go to a bar about now. I have never appreciated human interaction as much as I do right now.
  7. Virtual IEP meetings. For as much stress and anxiety that these meetings caused me, I would have never guessed that they would be so easy and wonderful. I think everyone in-person is still the best option. But for parents who are busy and can’t make it in, or can’t take 1/2 day off work, virtual IEP meetings might still be a good option, even when we are back at school. Who would have known?
  8. New traditions. Or maybe just one. The Breakfast Stream! Little Ant and I started to watch Steve and Mal George and their show every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We even got a shout out from them, lol. I will always have fond memories when I think about watching them- Stephen with his big hair towards the end of quarentantine because all the barbers are closed. Good times.
  9. Seesaw. Learned it. Hated it. Used it. Hated it some more. All in all, I think Seesaw is a great program. It could be very useful for making sub plans and for assigning homework. I HATED remote teaching, but can see the good in Seesaw, especially combined with in-school learning.
  10. Not drinking. If not drinking makes your life that much better, just think about what not drinking during quarantine does to you. I think there were legitly people drunk this entire few months. I am not judging, that could easily be me. But it’s not. Early in the quarantine, I hit my one-year soberversary. I came within a hair’s length of drinking after that. I had met my year goal and now was bored and had to stay home and everyone else was doing it. Only everyone else wasn’t doing it. I’m proud to say that I survived a worldwide pandemic without drinking over it. I couldn’t say that if it wasn’t for COVID!

I’m sure there’s a lot of other things to be thankful for that resulted from COVID, but I need to wrap this up. I think this is a good list though.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other things to be thankful for that resulted from COVID, but I need to wrap this up. I think this is a good list though.

Peace out!

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