2020 is Epic


As far as this pandemic goes, things appear to be looking up. We are so lucky (so far). We had a couple of make-shift overflow hospitals constructed and I don’t even think they had to be used. I haven’t lost anyone that I personally know to COVID, yet. My little family has stayed home and healthy. The boys have now been home for 9 weeks.

All three boys have taken this very well, but I think they are starting to crack. Will told me the other day that he had a dream that he was back at school and it was so weird to be back. I asked him if it made him happy to be back, and he said yes, and that made me sad for him. Andrew told me yesterday that he is not even looking forward to summer break. He’d rather just go back to school, instead of being off for six months, which is a very long time. A few weeks ago, Anthony, the oldest, told me that he is thriving in quarantine. I am happy for him, and recent conversations revealed that he isn’t necessarily thriving at the moment, but he is totally ok with continuing to stay home- which is good but does make me question his sanity a bit.

Our stay at home order is supposed to end in about a week. I am hoping that restaurants and stores open back up (but will operate at 25-50% capacity). I feel like it’s already ended. In the beginning there was very little traffic, but now our roads seem normal. It was nice because at first, I could take a walk and cross 10 mile at the end of the street, but now there’s too much traffic it’s best to cross at the light. I kind of liked it when the roads were deserted as I walked at lunch.

Two days ago we got A LOT of rain. There was a lot of flooding in Tawas and Midland and surrounding areas. I think Midland was really bad because two dams broke. An entire lake was emptied and I can’t even comprehend it. Debbie says that the man who owned the dams was a big jerk who harrassed lakefront home owners. He lowered the lake levels so it would be unusable, but was ordered to put the lake back last spring. I feel bad for the lakefront homeowners. I hope that man is held liable, but I’m not sure he will because he sold the dams last year. They had been in awful working order and needing repairs for years, allegedly.

Debbie and her family are all dry and safe, but I can tell that this has shaken them up a bit, being so close. And to top it off, a huge landmark and feed store right by them burned down a few nights ago. It seems like there is turmoil all over, it’s crazy.

This is kind of a sad week. Tomorrow should be Red, White and Blue Day at Oak Ridge, a huge community event. I love this day, mainly because the kids get so excited about it.

I’ll never forget the day I subbed for kindergarten just about exactly 4 years ago. It was a warm sunny day in May and the little ones had just begun their afternoon work. Someone started singing. Then they all chimed in. All were singing one of the Red, White and Blue day songs, it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. But that kind of tells you how special this entire day is for us. In fact, people from all over start setting up chairs in the morning to save a spot for the parade. The parade is fun, marching around with kids and waving our little flags. It’s a big and beautiful ceremony, honoring our veterans.

Tomorrow is also Jules’ 6th birthday! I can’t help my mind from thinking how wonderful tomorrow should be. I would have probably taken Jules to daycare before work, giving him a special day, and would have excitedly driven to work eager for the festivities. Oh well. I’m pretty happy at home, but it is all just very sad and doesn’t seem right.

Just a couple more things.. since this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, it is time to fill the pool! I can’t even believe it- mainly because it feels like we are stuck in March. It doesn’t seem like summer should be here yet..

Lastly, my short story about “after the pandemic” is about done, it should get published in a book titled Six Feet from Tomorrow. I needed a cover for my story, Hubby made it for me. It was WAY different from my vision of it, but after I warmed up to it I really like it! It’s quite different from many of the other covers in the book, but I think that might be a good thing. Here is the cover, along with the picture that made it happen, haha!!

It’s HILARIOUS!! Mainly because the character eats the little dog, and my cover model is Dave and Sasha which cracks me up. I don’t know why, but we could all use more laughs these days, so I’m not going to question it.  This entire debacle (the story line, the photo and cover) has resulted in many much needed laughs around my house.  We need to keep creating funny things 🙂

Alright. My right hand has been in an awful flare lately, and it’s killing me to type, so I have to stop.

Peace, Love and Happiness <3


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