Psychics– do you love them or hate them?  Hubs calls them a “gimmick.”  “They just play off you, and take advantage of you.” he always says.

In January 2019 I attended “Supper with the Spirits” with a few others.  This was a meal in a room with about 100 people or so.  The local psychic, Kristy Robinet, would give us readings with anyone who visited from beyond the heavens while we ate.  Only problem was that I didn’t get the memo to invite my dead relatives, so when Kristy came to our table, they didn’t show up.

In November 2019 I attended a psychic fair where I knew I would be able to score a one-on-one reading.  I was really excited and pumped for the reading-besides the Supper with the Spirits, I had never interacted with a psychic before, so I was stoked!  2019 had been a great year so far, with so much growth, good growth in many different ways, and by this time I was around 8 months sober.  I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say, I had high hopes for 2020!

Basically, the reading was spot on about 2019 but had some pretty dark things to say about 2020.  It was going to be a year of lessons for me (according to my birth date and fact that I am an 11, not sure what that means).  When I asked if this was pretty telling that it would be a difficult year, she replied, “Yes.” She also saw a lot of money around me and our money situation would completely flip this year.  I don’t know what this means for us. It could mean we come into a lot of money–or it could mean that we lose everything we have. There would also be a split involved, not necessarily with my relationship, could be a split in the way things are vs. the way they used to be.   Lastly, she said that I would have a career change and would be in a caregiving role. One last thing, the hanging man was one of my Tarot cards and she said I’d be hanging around for awhile–not able to do anything, just going with it, be patient and wait it out. On the upside, she did say that because of my number, the next three years will be great years.  

None of this was what I signed up for!  I had worked my butt off and was finally seeing some benefits.  I had some really high hopes for 2020. I didn’t want my money situation to change and I certainly didn’t want to lose my job.   A split didn’t sound wonderful, and neither did a year full of lessons. I whined about this for awhile, but people really didn’t seem to care.  This reading bothered me though, and still does. 

Around Thanksgiving I had a great idea to write a handbook called “2020: Surviving in a World of Chaos” (or something like that).  I thought it would help me plan and cope and also would satisfy a bucket list item of 2019 (publishing a book). Sadly, this never happened.  I can’t help but think it could be a bestseller with the current world climate.

Fast forward to 2020, end of January.  It wasn’t an awful month. A few small things happened, my grad class was super annoying and a ton of work, it was long, January always is, but it was ok and at the end, I thought ok, you are 1/12 of the way through.

February was a better month.  The weather was warming up a bit and even though it was a leap year, the month does not seem like 100 years like January.  I took that trip to Florida and our plane didn’t even crash. The trip was difficult at times, and I was around alcohol WAY too much, but I didn’t drink and felt proud and happy to get home to my safety zone.  Before I knew it, it was March and I could exhale deeply knowing I was now 1/6 of the way through this year. 

Then there was March.  I had high expectations for March.  I was to celebrate 1 year of vegetarianism, 1 year of no alcohol, and me and my oldest’s birthdays– it was going to be a festive month indeed!  

On Monday March 9, my boys were all at their scout meeting in the evening.  I was tinkering around the living room when I came across a book jammed into my bookshelf by the well known psychic Sylvia Brown, titled Prophecy.  I picked it up only because by now the Coronavirus had become a pandemic and was the talk of the world.  Interestingly enough, Sylvia had predicted a similar pandemic outbreak that would occur in 2020 in another book she wrote– I knew this because it was popping up all over my social media sites by then.  I had even forgotten that I had this book! I was really excited and started to flip through it, interested to see what other kinds of things she had predicted.

The education section really drew me in.  


This page was particularly intriguing.  I eagerly turned it to see what was in store for us educators.  What I read was laughable to me, I think I actually laughed out loud.  It was so far fetched. It talked about online learning, which was so amusing to me because it seemed so far out there. I thought of the teachers I worked with and how none of them would probably ever want or be able to teach online (including me) and just how far off she was on this.  What a joke!

That was on 3/9.  On 3/10, Michigan saw its first Corona case.  On 3/11 my colleagues and I met with our director.  She was called out by the superintendent to be informed about a call with the Department of Education that she would need to be a part of regarding the virus.  At the end of our meeting we talked briefly about what we would do in the event of a lengthy school closure and I mentioned Zoom meetings (virtual) because suddenly (and it seemed to happen overnight) that was the new “thing.”  She looked at me cross eyed, I don’t think she had ever Zoomed before (I, admittingly, knew the virtual meeting program from attending recovery meetings over the past couple years). By 3/13 the governor had closed schools for 3 weeks.  I was absolutely shocked, but not so much by the 3 week school closure. 

I was shocked at the events that unfolded after I read that book, and scoffed at the idea of online public education.  Day by day, more and more, schools around the country were going online. I’m in teacher Facebook groups with people from around the country and also have a lot of personal friends who teach in districts in MI other than mine.  Therefore, some folks are ahead of us here, but nevertheless, everyone is suddenly having Zoom meetings (well, my district is doing google hangouts, but same idea). Our special ed department had one last Friday and I couldn’t help remember that last encounter with my director.  Also, many teachers have already begun teaching online. 

My fear has been working overtime.  Most everyone knows that school is not just a place, not just a building to heat and furnish.  School is SO much more than academics.  

I’m not sure that most of the politicians and legislators know this though.  We are now looking at finishing the last ¼ of the school year in the comfort of our homes.  So, moving forward, WHY bother to pay for and have schools, principals and secretaries and a bazillion staff when you can do away with that?  Some say that is far fetched. I wish I hadn’t read that Sylvia Book, I would not be this worried.

I often wonder if I was meant to find and read that book, and why.  It was insane how crazy it seemed but then education changed instantaneously.  And I WISH that I could have known that 2020 wouldn’t just be a year of lessons for me, but for the world.  Woah!

Well folks, I think I’m done with psychics for awhile.  I think I’m better off not knowing what the future holds.

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