That Virus

The Coronavirus and I have a long history.  Oh wait, it’s the Parvovirus, another k9 disease that I have a long history with.   I’ve had two different types of doctors tell me, 5 years apart, that I have the Parvovirus and that it is causing me arthritic symptoms.  That’s a story for another time.

To me, the two viruses will always be related, because they remind me of the old days when I worked at a veterinary clinic. All the dog vaccines are related. Often times, I would be going over vaccines with a client telling them about the Coronavirus and Lyme vaccine, amongst others. Inevitably, the occasional client would joke and say something like, “Sure, I’ll have a Corona with Lyme!”   Ahhhhh, those were the days!  It was laughable, just like the many long Saturday moments I would spend hungover in the x-ray developing room, which was small, dark and warm– taking a short doze.  I digress..

I stopped to pick up medicine for Jules the other night.  I take him to the vet I used to work at.  My old boss, Marianne, was at the front desk.   We chatted, and the topic of this new virus came out.  She said how they are feeling it– with a shortage of certain medical supplies.  We kind of laughed at the oddity of the name of this virus and how it is no longer standard practice to vaccinate for it.

Since then, two cases have been reported in our state and things have gotten really serious.  My department was meeting with our director this morning and the superintendent called her out for a minute.  She was asked to be on a conference call with the state regarding the virus.  And then emails, a few lengthy ones that I still need to read more thoroughly, about a huge range of items including information about providing a free and appropriate education in the event of a closure.  After an address given by our governor, schools decided to cancel upcoming after school activities and events.  This is all very big.

Up until today, I wasn’t even thinking of stockpiling.  I ran out tonight and stopped at Walgreens to buy a thermometer and a few other things.  Thermometers were slim picking!  They had very little to choose from, most kinds were sold out.

In line, the guy who came up behind me was buying a lot of TP.  Then the guy who came up behind him was buying a lot of TP.  Then they started talking about how they were buying TP.  And how Costco was out and how the news had two people fighting over some. By then I had paid but was considering going back to get me some of that TP!

I heard 3 customers ask for hand sanitizer, which was met with a no.  The woman in front of me was buying a ton of cleaning products and soap.

I really don’t think I’ve ever been through anything like this.  Maybe that huge power outage back in 2003 that lasted a few days, but I don’t remember it being this hyped up and crazy. Then again, we had no power or no smart phones back then, or even car radio stations. No media influence.  I vaguely remember stores being out of water.

I read today, and have no idea about the validity, that Italy is in an awful state.   The things I read were awful.

Prayers and well wishes to anyone who needs it <3

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