Grateful for Day 321


I’m grateful to be home.

I’m so grateful that I have next Monday and Tuesday off for mid winter break! Thought it was the following week, but I’ll take it!

I’m grateful that it’s almost mid February. At the same time I can’t even believe that we are heading into spring. The years truly fly by. I’m ready for summer, but I’m not ready to have high school seniors! Both (my son & live in nephew) have done a lot of growing these past few years. I’m excited for their future, but want to pause time sometimes.

I’m grateful that my class is almost over! One more class & I should get a salary bump. After that I might need to quit- or take it slow. This class has been a ton of work & stress coordinating with group members remotely. I’ll be so excited in a couple weeks when it is done.

I’m grateful that I spent all night working on my paper & it’s almost done.

I’m grateful for this blog. As silly as it seems sometimes to write about my drinking in what seems like a diary form, I’m so grateful especially for those early entries. I don’t remember how bad it was, until I go back and read. Then I’m grateful some more.

I’m grateful for you

What are you grateful for?

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