Day 319


Kudos to anyone who has done a vacation with drinking family members.

I’m in Florida staying at my sister’s house with our dad, sister & cousin.

One of my dad’s favorite places is called The Monkey Bar & he was so excited to take us there.

My Florida sister asked me a couple weeks ago if it would bother me & questioned his sanity knowing that I have a problem with alcohol.

I said it would be fine. It’s close to the beach & we wanted to go there too.

I didn’t realize how not fine I would be. I didn’t realize that by the time we’d be here, alcohol would play a huge part, maybe dictate the vacation completely.

I am SO tired of alcohol, it truly is the devil!!! It has caused numerous problems that makes me feel so grateful that I’m not wrapped up in its ugly grips anymore.

I had to excuse myself & go sit outside for a bit. Texted a sober friend & had a good pep talk. Made a mental note to keep tighter boundaries next time.

Overriding everything is my gratitude. I’m so thankful for the tools that I’ve learned to keep myself from caving to triggers & cravings. I’m thankful that there has been good times on this trip despite the stupid drinking. Grateful that on a daily basis I don’t have to deal with anyone drinking. And grateful for warm sunshine when I’ll be traveling back to snow & cold tomorrow


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