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This holiday season I’ve had a gigantic aversion to stuff.  It may have started this fall when I was so busy with classes, plus we adopted a 3rd kid and all of his stuff, and our basement is still in disarray from the flood and then not finishing the bedroom down there yet.. my entire house is getting taken over by stuff that we hardly ever use.

Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews, especially the young ones, is usually easy.  There are hundreds of toys to choose from and I usually pick out something that I would have loved, like a fur real pet– or a cool science set.  This year it was torturous– I’m not sure why.  I must have picked up and put back dozens of toys.  It all felt cheap, and pointless and meaningless and cluttered.  I just kept thinking that instead of picking out a stupid toy, we should be planning a fun event with them instead, even if it’s a simple as a sleepover with snacks and a movie night.

Shopping for our parents was just as stupid.  I would have rather given them tickets to an event- or a night out.  But I didn’t plan good enough for that (we did our shopping on December 23rd).

Next year I want to alleviate a lot of my holiday stress.  I mentioned to hubby that next year maybe we shouldn’t do any gifts at all and just do experiences around November/December.  Would this be better or more stressful?  I’m not sure.  I feel good about this, but pretty sure I got called a Scrooge when I mentioned no gifts.  I guess I just meant no tangible gifts– there’s a difference.

In today’s world, I think we have way too much stuff.  We think all of this stuff makes us happy.  It’s an illusion, a false belief.  Buying X, Y and Z only fills that heartsick void for so long and then you’re back to longing for that happy feeling.  I want to be conscious of every new thing I’m tempted to bring into my already cluttered up home.  I want to purge all of those things that haven’t been used in months.

What do you think?  Do you think that giving out experiences for Christmas gifts is lame?  What makes your holiday less stressful?



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5 thoughts on “Stuff It

  1. Our kids are all adults now and my husband and I have downsized. Having just purged 2/3 of our belongings we have asked everyone NOT to give us gifts. We’ve told our kids that time means more to us that “stuff”. Come visit for a weekend and play games and hang out. Let’s meet in the middle and spend a day together. The kids also have a lot of our old things and don’t have room for more “stuff” either. As a family we are committed to more experiences and less stuff!

  2. Less is more!
    We got small ones for my brother, sister, and mom.
    One for each other.
    One for his brother.
    The best!
    But we don’t have kids! Tons of extended family kids, but we decided no.

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