Deer Day


I took a mental health day last week, and it proved to be extra beneficial to my scraped up soul.

I had been really upset with events that happened and knowing that we have to take our nephew and worrying about the impact of that on my own kids and family– along with questioning whether or not he will thrive in our home and the pressure that comes with that question, etc.  Plus I was getting behind in my classes, so I wanted to catch up on some work.

After getting everyone out the door for school and work, I made some coffee and then set up my computer and school work at the kitchen table.  Before getting to work, I noticed my kitty staring at something.  I got up and was greeted with this face..

I always wondered if they came up to our small pond.  Now I had my answer!  I watched it for a bit, in aw at its beauty and grace.  What a blessing <3

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The entire day was just as wonderful.  I was productive and decided to take a break around noon.  I sat on the deck and was enjoying the warm sunny day.  Once again, I noticed my kitty looking at something off to the side.  I looked and noticed a deer just laying in the side lot.   It was surprising and awesome at the same time.  I couldn’t just go in, so I laid on the deck for a bit, next to my kitty, just looking at its face while it stared at mine.  Not too long after, the deck got too hard for my old body and I had to go in to sort laundry.  THIS was the view outside my window as I sorted.  What a blessing <3

The buck didn’t stop there (see what I did there)…

Shortly after hubby got home in the evening, we noticed a deer laying in the front yard and watched it for a bit.  Soon after I had to go out back for something and a large deer comes running from the tree line in the back and off to the side yard.  Then I noticed a whole group of them in the side yard.  By this time it was getting dark and they were hard to see,  but I was ecstatic.  We sometimes go several months without seeing a single deer.  Having so many around all day long was such a blessing <3

I woke up that day feeling desperate and sad.  Having deer all around all day long raised my vibes like nothing else.  I have to believe that this was a gift.  From the Universe, from God, from my spirit guides and my angels.  It was enormously comforting to think about and I will always be grateful for these beautiful and abundant signs <3

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  1. I love deer, too! We used to see a lot of them here on our street and backyards. Not this year, but we have seen them in our parks!
    Maybe they all ran from Minnesota to Michigan! Lol

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