No Toe Cancer

Dr. Jones called yesterday to tell me that Jules cytology came back as inflammation only, no cancer.  I was overjoyed!

She is still concerned.  She wants him to take a course of pred and to keep him off it as much as we can.  That means no walks 🙁

We have been into a great routine this fall.  We get up most mornings and I run as fast as I can for as far as I can (which for me is like a half mile, then walk/run, walk/run, I’m not fast, but I am consistent).  I leave for work feeling satisfied that he is tired, and if I do a bike ride after work, I don’t feel guilty for not taking him.

This morning I got up early to write, and he just keeps looking at me waiting for a sign that it’s time to go on our early morning adventure.

I am not complaining, I’m just complaining.

I just didn’t love our conversation over the phone yesterday.  She thinks that even though it’s not bothering him right now (he is not licking or favoring his paw), it might become a problem in the future.   I definitely don’t want it to become more of an issue and cause him pain.  So.. I’m going to keep him off it (I WAS going to ignore that advice, but decided that probably wasn’t the best thing to do..).  I’m going to reach out to my running with dogs group on FB to see if they have any good ideas of other ways to stimulate him.  It’s hard because a lot of the brain toys have treats inside, but we are working on his weight and have to watch treats.  I suppose I could fill one with kibble and then feed him less at meal time..

I just wanted to write about our happy news.

This week has totally been a mixed bag.

On Monday I had a good workout in the am and then took a bike ride after work.  We lost power, but it was supposed to be back at 5:00. At 5:00, they bumped up the estimate to 8:00.  8:00 came and went, and we still were without power.  We are on a well, so no power means no water.  When I went to bed Monday night my house was a complete disaster.  Dishes all over the kitchen, tuna juice all in the sink (stinking), just stuff everywhere, and a laundry pile up since I couldn’t do my daily load or two.

Power came back late Monday night.  Tuesday was a great morning.   I walked into my classroom and noticed a few minutes later that my Smartboard and speakers were up!  I can’t even explain to you how excited I was!  Especially since I had almost given up hope that I would actually get one.  Another great thing is that my 1st group of the day was on a field trip, so I had an extra hour to try to figure it out.  Even in that short amount of time I was able to find several activities and lessons on it to use yesterday– and the kids loved it!   Then in the afternoon I got the “no cancer” call.

After work was kind of tough but fine.  I worked for hours catching up from the day before.  I was exhausted by night and went to bed before 9:30, but was satisfied that our home no longer looked like a war zone.

NOW it’s Wednesday.  I got up early probably because my body is ready to GO, but I’m writing instead.  I normally could jump on the treadmill or elliptical but they are in the basement, which is undergoing leak treatment.  That means one side is empty and the other side is jam packed with stuff.  There is a mildew/bleach smell in the air (not ideal for working out).   It’s getting fixed on Friday but then we are leaving for the weekend.  Hopefully next week I can get the machines set up downstairs and the air will be ok to breath.

Anyways, this might be this blog’s most boring post!  Today is day 189 🙂

Have a great day everyone <3

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2 thoughts on “No Toe Cancer

  1. Yay on the no cancer! But I understand the poor guy begging for a walk! Is there no happy medium? Just a little one?
    I hope your school year goes well!

    1. She said he could go for a small walk to go potty. We’ve been getting up early though and walking/running every morning, we miss our morning workout :(:(:( But its really swollen and probably best to stay off it for a bit. I might get a wagon for him 🙂

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