Billy Joel

I’ve never considered myself a huge fan of Billy Joel.  I can name a couple or few songs off the top of my head, but that’s about it.  Until now.

My sister and I took our teenagers to a Billy Idol and Bryan Adams concert back in August.  My niece is obsessed with Billy Idol, my son and I just tagged along for fun, but didn’t love either of the bands.

I had a super random seemingly innocent thought a few weeks after the concert:

“The concert would have been much better if it was Billy Joel, not Billy Idol.”

One day, one thought.

Here we are several weeks later and since that thought ran through my head, all my soul wants to listen to is Billy Joel.

Billy Joel in the car.

Billy Joel in the shower.

Billy Joel in my classroom.

Billy Joel in the garden.

Billy Joel on my run (I found out yesterday that there is something very magical about running to My Life in the dark morning before the sun and world wakes up)..

Billy Joel on my long bike rides.

Billy Joel in the pool.

Billy Joel while making dinner.

Billy Joel all the time.



But I don’t even really like Billy Joel…


I think maybe my soul needs Billy right now, gonna listen and see where it takes me <3


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2 thoughts on “Billy Joel

    1. It’s been great getting to know this older music at the ripe age of 42! He is a very talented musician. I’m a little irked that my soul waited this long to urge me to listen..

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