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Work, work, work– it makes the world go round, and keeps us fulfilled <3

Last week was my first week back after the summer break.  In the years past, I have been more than ready to go back to work.  Long unstructured days with my kids, drinking too much night after night, day after day, I can see why I was eager each summer to get back to normalcy and routine.   This time going back was downright brutal– not at all like it’s been the past.

Summer 2019 will be fondly remembered as the first entire summer of my adult life that I didn’t drink (minus the times I was pregnant).   The long days consisted of getting up early, reading my spiritual soul book, spending time reflecting while I walked with the dog or took him to the dog park, writing, meditating, spending time with family, taking care of my yard and scout camping trips.  Most nights I was in bed long before midnight and loved to wake up early and feel mega productive before noon.

My thought worm (incessant negative thoughts that suck the life out of you) says “Wow, just think of how much better and farther you would be in life if you had spent the past 10 summers being productive!”

Those pesky thought worms that fill you with negativity– I squashed mine!   I LOVE this journey I’m on. If I didn’t have all of those drinking, non productive summers, than I wouldn’t be so much appreciative and in love with this one.

But that’s how those thought worms work.  They try to steal your joy at every opportunity– don’t let them steal yours!

So my point is this.  Summer 2019 was grand.  I am quite scared to go back to work and to lose what I’ve gained (another thought worm).  I’ve been more in touch with my soul than ever before and I’m kind of terrified to lose that too.

Last week was easy.  I had to go in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  My room is all ready to go and now that the first week is done I’m actually really excited. Because our numbers are so high, we have 2 full time academic support teachers this year, which means I get to start out the year with a lower caseload than usual.  Also, our community approved a bond a few years back so this summer our building got renovated and all the classrooms got flexible seating and a Smartboard.  I was skeptical that my little room would get anything and was pleasantly surprised and so excited to have new furniture.  I don’t have a Smartboard, but they took down my Whiteboard and it looks like my wall is wired for a Smartboard so I’m hopeful that I will have one soon.

My room is long and narrow and I have never been truly happy with the furniture set up.  With the new furniture, it is SO much better.  It’s more roomy, flows better and there is even more seating than before.  My students are going to be SO excited come Tuesday (they love my little room anyways, it’s a comfort for them, but now it’s even better <3).


So…. I’m going to ignore all of the thought worms that pop up.  I’m going to spend this weekend fully appreciating the last full days of summer.  I’m going to move my body and get good sleep.  I’m going to finish my mandala and live with intention.  Work or no work, I am productive, happy and fulfilled <3

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