Summer Vacation and Scout Camp

Day 86 🙂

It’s Friday of the first week of summer break– although I don’t feel very well rested or accomplished.

My youngest is at his first year at Scout Camp.  I went up there on Monday and came home Wednesday night.  I. Was. Exhausted.  They really run the kids ragged.  I talked to him on the phone last night and while he’s having fun, he is SO ready to come home.  He’ll get home tomorrow around noon and I think he might sleep for two days.

It was a fun time and I got to get to know some of the adults and kids from the troop better.  It was sad going up to the camp, knowing that I was staying with a new group (I’d previously been to the camp with my oldest’s group), but it turned out well as I feel like I made some friends.  Will tried new things too, like climbing the rock wall.  He didn’t make it to the top to zip line down, but I’m super proud of him for trying.  He attended his classes, swam like crazy during free swim, played all of the travel games he brought and learned some new games.

Other than that, status quo here.  Took Jules in early this morning for his big (Cushins ) test.  I have to take him back at 11:15 and then again at 3:15 then wait for the results which will hopefully be in next week.  It’s the first sunny and hot day we’ve had in awhile.  I have some weeding and planting to and am looking forward to working in the hot sunshine.  Then maybe a dinner date with my oldest who has been surviving on frozen food all week.  It’s going to be a great day!

One last thing I do want to mention is that Betsy has been loud and persistent lately.  It’s early summer and I’ve been doing so good, I really don’t want another summer relapse.  She tries to make drinking seem so appealing, and it does sound nice at times.  I would love to have a few glasses of wine on the deck in the evening sun.  But all I have to do is follow the drink.  It would be fun.  But, I would wake up full of regrets.  I would have to turn my counter back, meaning, if I’m going to turn it back, I might as well drink tonight too.  It wouldn’t end there.  I would be back in that cycle as fast as lightning.  Getting out of that cycle gets harder and harder (I don’t know why this is, but it’s true for me and I’ve heard other people say the same thing).  I’m not sure that I have another recovery in me.  

With Betsy getting louder, I think it’s time to get my butt to some meetings.  I AM working the steps too.  As a side note, here is the step 1 work I did with Arlina on ODAAT Chat:

Step Work Call – Laura – Step 1

I hope you all have a great weekend!



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3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation and Scout Camp

  1. Happy 86 days!
    Don’t believe the lies alcohol tells you!
    It’s so much better to have a lovely iced tea, your favorite AF beverage, and look at beauty of outside!

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