Teenage Birthday Party and Chubby Adolescence


It is Monday afternoon and I think I’m still recovering from the weekend. I spent most of the day Sunday on the couch. I kind of wanted to go to a couple stores nearby (to shop for fun stuff– crafts and clothes), but didn’t make it off the couch. Thankfully I have Shipt and was able to get the groceries delivered and I did end up getting the last of my laundry done, so there’s that.

My oldest son, the one who has declined a ‘friends’ birthday party for the last several years, is turning 16 on Wednesday. He wanted 2 things: to have his friends over for a Smash Brothers tournament and to get a White Castle crave crate– or whatever the huge box with 100 burgers is called.

So we hosted an overnight party for my son and 6 of his friends– 2 of which I’ve never met before. It was CrAzY !!!

But.. they all survived, and we (the adults) did too. They had lots of fun (I think) and made some really great music (guitar and piano) and I had some great conversations with some of them. So it wasn’t unlike his 5 year old birthday party– the kids were just bigger and better able to sit still and hold a conversation.

On another note, I am not feeling very pretty lately. The braces are getting old and I still have only the top ones on, so the metal in my mouth is going to double in about a month. I’m back up to 10 mg of pred per day and have gained weight– much of it noticeable in my face. So, I’m feeling very chubby adolescent lately. I’ve decided to embrace it.

My hubby complimented my top teeth on how good they are looking and I told him that in a couple years I will be a new woman. I’ll have my Master’s degree and straight teeth. He then had a worried look and asked me if I was going to trade him in for a better model.

I said “Heck no! Just stick with this chubby adolescent and you’ll have a mate for life.” <3

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