Goodr’s Junky Advertising; Taking Advantage of a Crisis Generation?


I am slightly disgusted slash apprehensive at the recent marketing tactics of one of my favorite sunglass companies, Goodr.  I don’t want to be that overly offensive new age person, but…

“Frozen drinks require two things: pineapple garnish and crushed vicodin.”

“we’re going for a run (maybe popping a couple of hallucinogens) and riding our imagination dragons…”

“If you ever go on a run (or spiritual LSD journey)…”

I came across these posts this morning and it’s been on my mind all day.  Although I feel guilty and self-righteous for it bothering me so much, I feel that the company really dropped the ball.

I know kids who are not with their parents because of an addiction of a prescribed pill, vicodin.  

I know parents whose child never came home because of the LSD journey he went on. 

I know peers and friends of friends who will never be the same, and who will never live a productive life because they popped too many hallucinogens.

So yeah, this cuts deep.  Not to mention my own demons (AKA my addiction).

But right now, I am ok– better than ok. I have a decent house, a job that I love, family that loves me and I am sober.  You know what helps keep me sober?  Exercise, especially running.  The very activity that I bought these very sunglasses to pursue.  

This company is partially geared towards runners.  Apparently they don’t realize how many runners are recovering addicts (I know from listening to hundreds of addicts being interviewed on sober podcasts).  Or maybe they do realize this and think that these posts are humorous.  I just can’t understand the humor in this day and age of the addiction epidemic, and at the expense of those who have lost loved ones.

I haven’t thrown my Goodr glasses away yet, but have a feeling that they will end up in the trash.  Or maybe I’ll think of something creative to do with them to help combat the addiction epidemic.

What are your thoughts?  Am I being overly sensitive or is this truly outrageous?


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