Christmas Eve Eve Morning


Day 15 today!  Feeling good about being sober, but the rest of me might be falling apart.

I’m supposed to take my Humira every 7-10 days.  It’s been about 3 weeks since I took it.  I thought I had a Parvo Virus that mimicked RA and that I could not take it and not be in pain.  WRONG!  I woke up on Friday pretty sore all over.  Yesterday was even worse.  It gets better as I get up and moving and get Motrin in me, but it’s so discouraging to wake up in so much pain.  It robbed me of a productive day yesterday and I ended up restarting my pred last night.  My goal is to start decreasing it again after Christmas all while I clean up my diet.  I haven’t been eating awfully, but definitely have had too much sugar since Friday.

So.. another disappointment this season.  I’m going back to the natural guy on January 8th.  I’ll be able to tell him that I haven’t been drinking, but I’ll have to tell him that I’m still flaring everywhere when I’m off my meds.  Hopefully he can help me figure this out, as I truly don’t believe that Humira is the answer– rather it is a potentially dangerous band-aid.

Today is Sunday morning and it’s been a good weekend.  Yesterday we watched my little niece and nephew for a couple hours because their social worker was dropping off Christmas gifts and they weren’t allowed to be home.  They have improved SO much since last summer, it is truly a miraculous transformation.

Chris is 4 and when he was over a few months ago, it took him like a half hour to clean up all of the cars he was playing with (constantly got distracted, needed a million prompts to keep cleaning, etc).  Yesterday I heard him say, “I want to play something else.” He then proceeded to clean up his cars (in about 5 minutes) without us telling him to and gave the bin of cars to my teenager and asked him to get him the “guys” out to play.  It’s something minor, but just these little things make me see how far these kids have come.

After they went home, we drove out to my sister’s house to help her fix a few things.  She is going to be selling her house and needs some minor things done.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have everything she thought she did, so my other sister’s boyfriend had to run to Home Depot and the guys didn’t get a lot done.  They did get a few things done and now know exactly what tools they need to bring for next time.   It wasn’t that much fun hanging out with my sisters yesterday while the guys worked.  I was just kind of crabby due to my body pains and didn’t really talk about it because they just wouldn’t understand.  It’s ok I’ll see them again tomorrow and should be happier, the pred should kick in by then!

So now it’s Sunday and we have to go do last minute shopping for our nieces and nephews– oh and some food to bring with us tomorrow and Christmas.  It’s almost 11:30 and I actually slept in past 10!  It was SO nice.  Would’ve maybe slept longer but stupid Milo was meowing and scratching at my bedroom door.

My whole family is downstairs so I’m enjoying waking up with my coffee by the fire, thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet!

I was feeling so unprepared this holiday season, but I’m glad that I didn’t drive myself nuts stressing about being overly prepared.  It’s ok to do the minimal– in fact, sometimes it’s necessary <3

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