Bah Humbug, and One Day at a Time


My mom died over 4 years ago and I’m not sure why it’s hitting me hard this particular Christmas.  I just want the holidays to go away– or be done with already.  Our decorations nearly didn’t make it out and I’ve only bought two small gifts so far. The new year can’t come fast enough!

This week has been particularly rough.  I’ve had a nasty cold, but have been trying to work out most days, dragging myself through the exhaustion.  Most days I’ve worked out after work, except for yesterday.  Yesterday I got up early and walk/ran on the treadmill.  PAID for it all day long with brain fog and exhaustion (working out before work usually makes me feel good) so I took a rest day today.  I’m hoping to sleep early and sound tonight and get up again tomorrow morning and take Jules out for a walk/run.  I have an appointment after work so if I don’t do it in the morning, it won’t get done.  Even with this cold, it’s important for me to work out most days because I know that helps my moods and cravings.

It’s been a busy and frustrating week at school.  We had a new student in the fall and I JUST got a notice that she has a previous IEP (Individual Education Plan for students with a disability) with 10-12 resource hours per week.  I have no idea HOW we didn’t get the IEP record until now.  It is DECEMBER and this poor child has had no support.

I have an IEP meeting tomorrow for another student and that has been a source of stress also.  The parents (who have always been super nice, committed and dedicated) are super anxious and stressed out because their son is going to transition to middle school next year.  They are having a hard time accepting where their son is at socially/emotionally/academically particularly because this year his younger twin brothers have surpassed him physically and academically.  It’s going to be a long and stressful meeting tomorrow and I’m dreading it with this cold (I’ll be facilitating the meeting and going through all of the paperwork which is over 10 pages long).

Friday is our last day before break and it can’t come fast enough!

Recovery is going well.  Along with the working out, I’m meditating and journaling regularly.  I also started using the adult coloring book I bought last summer.  I have one picture done so far!  I do find it relaxing to sit and color at night.

Ok- that’s about it.  It’s been a LONG day.  I was exhausted as I left work but found the energy to get all my chores done including catching up on laundry, take my littlest (hubby and oldest are lifeguarding tonight) out to dinner and then get a gift for his teacher and bus driver.  It’s after 8:30 already and I want to get to bed ASAP.  Hoping I feel well enough to walk tomorrow, but if not, I’m going to rest.

Today is Day 10.  Even though it’s been a difficult and annoying week, I haven’t had the urge to drink (yet). I have 100 days on my mind.  I am 10% there already!!!  🙂

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