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Yesterday ended up being a really nice day.  I was productive at work and also afterwards.  I had my visit with Dr. Tent (natural doctor) and then got in a 1 mile walk (foot was feeling better from Monday, but 1 mile was about all I could do).  Afterwards, I meditated and wrote in my journal.

My visit with the good Dr. was intriguing.  I was totally honest about my binge drinking.  I didn’t want him to FIX my alcoholism, I just wanted to keep doing the regimen I’m doing whilst not drinking to see if I can finally get rid of this gout.

He always wants to cure my alcohol problem.  First he gave me a food grade lithium that would quiet my mind.  I haven’t noticed a difference, but often wonder if I would if I could stay sober for more than a couple weeks at a time.  He thinks I have problems regulating my blood sugar and that its causing me to have anxiety, mood swings and cravings.  No worries, he has a cure for that, including supplements and twice daily protein shakes to drink between meals.  We will see.  It would be great if I had less cravings (both alcohol and sugar) and better moods, but I will discontinue if I don’t see a difference.  In the meantime, I’m confident that if it doesn’t help- I will still be able to stay sober doing the things I used to do (meetings, working on steps, podcasts, books, connecting with sober friends, exercising, meditating, journaling, self-care, etc).  But HEY, I crave food all day long, so a part of me is hoping this will help!  He is having me discontinue the first supplements he gave me for the parvo virus, which seems to be gone.  I haven’t had any rheumatoid arthritis symptoms lately.  I’m supposed to take Humira every 7-10 days, but haven’t taken it in over 2 weeks and don’t really intend on taking it again.

Today was another decent day, although my foot hurt pretty bad for most of the day (but just when I walked on it– felt ok when I was off it).  I had a math class all day, so luckily it was a lot of sitting!  My foot is feeling better tonight, but I’m not going to go for a walk, I don’t want to make it bad again.  But, I am SO ready to get back to my daily walks!

We are going to get down Christmas decorations and I would like to meditate and journal before going to bed.

I am actually super tired.  I couldn’t sleep last night until like 3 am, my mind was just running.  I think it was from the increased dose of pred.  I am hoping that I sleep better tonight.

Better get moving… bye day 3, hello day 4  <3


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