Day 2


Yesterday ended up being a really annoying day.  After I wrote, right before lunch my youngest’s school called to tell me that he came to the office equipped with a garbage can ready to get sick everywhere.  My oldest had stayed home sick with a stomachache so I wondered if we had a virus in our house.

We had a lot of teachers out already and were short subs, so I planned to run and pick him up as fast as I can drop him off at home where the eldest would keep an eye on him and race back to work.  This meant LOTS of walking and my foot was already killing me.  When it’s hurting this bad it hurts to drive also, and so having a surprise hour and ten minute drive in the middle of the day was annoying.  I’m a fast driver and everyone on the way there and back just seemed to go so slow.

BUT, I made it back, finished the day and then headed to the foot doctor.  I do not like the office nor the podiatrist that I am currently seeing.  I just needed orthotics but was a little miffed when he didn’t even ask me how my foot has been doing (he did scan both feet, so he could CLEARLY see that one was extremely swollen).  That’s ok– I probably would have said some smart A$$ remark about being diagnosed the with gout by a natural doctor (HELLO- you think a PODIATRIST would recognize gout)!

Then had to stop at CVS for Keytone test strips for my diabetic son.  MORE walking– and my foot was on fire by the time I got home.  No amount of icing it or putting it up was going to help.

Despite the annoying day, it was a rather nice night.  I had dinner made in the crockpot and had my boys help with evening chores.  They were in bed super early, as was I in my comfy pj’s teeth brushed and feeling fresh trying to nurse my foot.  Hubby got home from a Boy Scout meeting around 9 and we laid in bed watching tv and talking for a while.

I ended up taking extra prednisone last night.  I had been weaning myself off (it’s a horrible drug) but wasn’t going to be able to sleep with a throbbing foot.  Still didn’t get to sleep until like midnight, but woke up feeling ok because I wasn’t HUNGOVER.

I’m going to stay away from alcohol and the other things that I’m not supposed to be eating.  I’m going to keep this dose of pred up for the next couple of days and then wean myself off.  By then the alcohol should be out of my system and my foot should be feeling better.

I’m trying to remind myself that when I wasn’t drinking before (like 2 weeks ago) I was walking like 2 miles and even did running intervals once.  It’s hard to remember how good or how bad you felt and not to just think about how you are currently feeling.  SO I’m very hopeful.

SO.. action plan for today:  Meditate and write in one of my journals afterwards (I have a few…).  DON’T drink.  Betsy knew I meant business yesterday and didn’t even try to yap at me.  That’s the way I like it- but will  make extra effort to squash those thoughts the minute they try to enter my determined brain.  I’d love to say a walk, but the foot isn’t ready yet.  SOON!

Peace <3


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