Cousin Summer and the Return of My Disease


July 24, 2018

This summer has been the most cousinest summer ever!  Given 10 random days, at least 9 of them would include at least 1 cousin hanging at our house.  It has been nice having a full house.

My 14 year old nephew has been living with his grandparents, my inlaws.  They live behind us and he has always been close with my 15 year old, so he’s been over more days then not.

My 12 year old nephew from Florida has been in Michigan for the past few weeks.  Being between my own kids ages, he gets along well with both of them and has spent a majority of this time at our house.  He is leaving this Sunday and I am already getting sad about saying goodbye.  He is very loving and affectionate, giving me random hugs and saying hi to me whenever he sees me, even if it’s when he is coming in from the backyard, lol.

I’ve also been blessed to spend a lot of time with my 14 year old niece.  Mostly when we’ve been up north, but she did come and stay the night with us last week- which she hasn’t done in over a year (she used to spend A LOT of time with us when she was younger, and I miss it!).  It’s a real treat to have another girl here!  She is a good one too, she will dance with me to Christmas music in July and loves Milky Chance and Skip-Bo as much as I do.

So, yeah!  The only downside is that my boys have spent less time with school friends than they normally would.  But I am so grateful that they’ve had so much time with their cousins <3

My (other) disease….

Do you remember my post in May about the last visit I had with my rheumatologist?  I was PUMPED!  She went through a list of my previous ailments, some of which I forgot I ever had.  I felt like a million bucks and So. Incredibly. Grateful.

My stupid RA has returned with a vengeance.  I’m trying to remain calm and with a good attitude but it is trying.   It started at Boy Scout camp with back and shoulder pain.  I woke up early yesterday morning with a throbbing foot and shoulder pain whenever I moved.  My foot pain is usually bad when I walk on it, I’ve never had such pain from just laying there.  It was kind of frightening.  I called my rheumatologist and she called me in a Medrol Pack.  SO, it feels a lot better today, but each day my dose will decrease and it might come back as bad.  The only other solution is to take prednisone long term, but that drug is hard on your body 🙁

So that’s that and is really frustrating and kind of scary.  I could barely stomach looking at my seized up foot last night.  I hate RA!!!

Ok– enough negativity.  This has been a GOOD summer.

My hematologist visit was fine.  They want me to get iron infusions.  I got one last week and go for my 2nd today.  THEN, I have a recheck in a few weeks.  Hopefully it helps my anemia.

My 12 year old nephew really wants to go to the cottage before he returns to Florida, so we are going up tomorrow morning and coming home the next day.  I am looking forward to a laid back quick trip up there.

Hubby’s vacation is next week and we will be back up at the cottage.  We will hopefully get to go to Mackinac Island for a day trip and ride our bikes around the island.  It is such a beautiful and serene ride!  Mackinac Island is a majectical place.  There are no cars allowed and it is a mix of country roads and small city streets.  It reminds me of being in the land of Oz.  (pics of the island below)


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