Sober Summer


It is July 17th and 116 days sober.  The summer is going too fast.  The beginning was terrific, but now I’m finding myself in a lull.

I’ve come uncomfortably close to drinking the past two weeks.  Once (or a couple days) when we were up in Tawas for the 4th of July and again when my BFF Debbie came down to visit me.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t drink and start that cycle again.

Why am I walking so close to the edge?

The answer is simple.  The past two weeks have been insane, and this week is too.  Between being out of town, present for my dad for his procedure, dealing with some of my own health appointments and getting a kid ready for camp and myself ready to join him this week has left me completely spent!

Too much to do and too much that’s not getting done.   I am not meditating, not reading, writing and connecting like I should, not exercising regularly, and not attending meetings— NONE so far this summer.  

The last one bugs me the most.  I thought I’d get back to the noon meetings during summer vacation, but I haven’t been to one yet!  It seems that every day there is something else going on and it just keeps getting put on the back burner.

I am leaving tomorrow morning for scout camp, so the meetings will have to wait.  I will be able to get grounded reading, writing, exercising and meditating at camp.

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