Bad Days and Belly Laughs


Bad days are inevitable.  Your alarm clock doesn’t go off, the dog puked all over the living room, the light bulb in the bathroom burned out, you forgot your lunch at home, and sometimes the bad events just keep happening.  You are left shaking your head and thinking, “gosh what horrible thing did I do to deserve a day like today?”

This past Sunday was like that for me.  My biggest priority was getting in a bike ride, and I really wanted to get in at least 15 miles.  I’ve pledged to ride 150 miles for the month of June and by Sunday I needed to ride 13 miles to stay on track with my goal.  I took Friday off of work, but wasn’t able to ride at all on Friday or Saturday.  By Sunday I was super ancy about it and knew that a long ride would make me feel better.

The hubs and I planned on riding about 8 stopping at a park to have a picnic lunch and then riding back.  I packed a delicious lunch and we got ready to go.  Then, it poured.  It had rained a lot on Saturday, but Sunday was supposed to be dry until the evening.  In fact, there was a 0% chance of rain around the time that it was pouring out.

It kept raining, so we did the next best thing.  Set out for pizza at Aubrees, one of our favorite pizzarias– and one that we haven’t been to in ages.  We were looking at the bright side looking forward to pizza and then some shopping afterwards.

We pulled up and the building was empty, the grass was overgrown and there was a For Sale sign in the window.  Aubrees was gone– no gourmet pizza for us.

We drove around and stopped at a Japanese restaurant.  The sushi was good, but they served me some tea that had a fishy taste and the chicken was extremely tough and dry.  They didn’t have silverware— just chopsticks. Hubby goes out with diverse friends from work and has become good at eating with chopsticks.  I felt like a clutz continuously dropping my sushi.  To make matters worse, the servers had sat down for a break directly facing me.  I felt like such a fool on display.  I wanted to throw the chop sticks across the room.

The day continued to test me, with little annoyances here and there.  By the afternoon things were starting to look up.  I went to the grocery while hubby went to Home Depot.  He came out with a very large tree and some nice flowering bushes (all at a great discount price!).  You can’t go wrong with planting new greenery!

The best part of the day was that by the time the afternoon rolled around, the rain was gone.  We ended up getting in a 12.6 mile bike ride after all.  By the end of the day I was only .3 miles from my goal for that day.

Sooooo.. moral of the story is that bad days happen.  When I was telling my little sister about my awful day, she pointed out something really good.  She said, “Even though it was a horrible day and the weather was awful, not once did I hear you mention Betsy– or wanting to drink.”  She was right!  I went to a couple different stores that carried liquor and wine and everytime I passed a bottle, I silently hissed at it (because I hate it, and wish that the stores would get rid of it.  It’s no good and causes nothing but problems).  It’s a blessing to be jonesin for my bike when I’m having a terrible day instead of a bottle of wine  <3

Belly Laughs

Have you ever tried flossing?  I’m not talking about the way to clean in between your teeth.  There’s a new dance move that is a hit among kids everywhere.  It’s from one of the popular video games.  It looks simple, but can actually be quite challenging for those of us who are coordinationally compromised.

After days of practice, I finally almost had it!  I went to bed last night but decided to get one more dance session in in front of my mirror.  I should have tried doing it in front of a mirror before, because it was super helpful and I was flossing like a boss in no time!!  Now that I had the moves down, I had to try flossing fast!  I was admiring my form in the mirror when I saw my 9 year old watching me.  He had decided to see what I was doing and caught me flossing like a mad woman.  We both roared with laughter and couldn’t stop.


It probably isn’t that funny to read about– I think you had to be there.  I wouldn’t have been there if I had been drinking.  This is just one of the many benefits of sobriety.  Being present, having genuine laughs (especially with your kid), being silly all while being organic– all of it is so simple, yet so very important.

So that’s my week in a nutshell.  It’s the final week of school for me and the boys.  The last week is crazy yet wonderful.  I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already.  The school years fly by.  If you have little ones, don’t blink.  They grow up so fast! Be present and don’t forget to laugh <3

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