The Universe and Living the Good Life

I’m listening to a terrific new book called, The Universe has your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein.  Being a believer in the power of the universe, it is highly interesting and intriguing to me.

On Wednesday, I was eating dinner outside by myself.  I started talking to the Universe pondering what would make me happy.  I told her that I wanted to feel more love in my heart and be closer to my family members.  I wanted to have a full life filled with people and love.

A little while later while I was cleaning up inside, I heard my niece Jessica outside. She is staying with my in laws who live behind us and my mother-in-law brings her over occasionally to play on our trampoline and slide.  I was going to keep going on with my business, but Jessica saw me through the window and wanted to come and say hi.  They ended up coming in and staying awhile.  My MIL talked my ear off about what is going on with my SIL (who is going through an ugly divorce complete with a PPO).

She talked my ear off, but in the end thanked me for listening and told me she loved me and I gave my love back.  We have a decent relationship but aren’t super close– there’s a distance between us.  Maybe it’s all on my account, I’m not sure.  I’ve always kind of felt like according to her I’m not good enough for her golden son.  This could be 100% in my head, and I acknowledge that and that I have some walls up.  But it was a nice evening where we talked while the kids played.

Later that night, I thought about my conversation with the Universe at dinner and it dawned on me.  The Universe Listened.  I was pumped!  If conversing with and believing in the Universe had this much power, then anything is possible.

A New Name

The Devil Drinks Vodka has been my handle since this blog was born two years ago.  For awhile now, I’ve wanted a different name. As this journey progresses, my life has become less about darkness and alcohol and more about living and wellness.  I need to get rid of the words Devil and Vodka.

I am patiently waiting for the perfect name!  I have a couple ideas and am waiting for a sign from the Universe to tell me which one is IT.   IT has yet to come to me, so I wait.

Wellness and Feeling Alive

For the first time in my life, last week I bought a new car.   Brand new, 2019.  I picked out the model, the color, the interior and the specks.  I couldn’t be more excited!

We picked it up on Monday night and after we got home, I had a TON of excited energy.  It was kind of late (after 9pm), but I wanted to go on a bike ride.  I was leery about riding so late (knowing I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep for a while afterwards) but went anyways.  Hubby went with me and we didn’t get home till after 10:30pm.

I love love love nighttime riding.  Especially this time of year, the spring smells are heavenly and the cool air whipping through my hair make me feel so alive.

As I was riding and feeling so vibrant, I thought about alcohol for a millisecond.  I thought about how I used to drink it to celebrate when I was super happy and how I used to drink it to drown my sorrows when I was sad.  Getting a new car would certainly be a reason to toast and chug down glass after glass of wine.  I felt so incredibly grateful for being where I am at– picking up my bike at 9pm NOT a glass of poison.  THIS is living, living the good life.

That is my week in a nutshell.  Today is Day 58 and I am grateful for every sober day.

Peace and Love <3

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    1. I love your name Wendy! I’m still patiently waiting for the right name to come, but am getting a bit anxious about it. xx

  1. Quote from the book I’m reading…just 3 pages back “Love is what we feel when we become aware of our oneness with what we thought was separate from us: a person, a place, a thing, an idea”

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