Totally Ready to Slay Some Dragons

It’s the last day of our staycation, last night actually since it’s almost 9pm.

We had a great time at Walt and Debbie’s house.  We went to Northwoods (a really cool huge store with everything that you could want for a discount), went to a buffet restaurant for dinner, relaxed in the hot tub and then started a game of Monopoly before calling it a night.  I knew that I wasn’t going to drink, but it surprised me how much more fun I have at her house when I’m not drinking 🙂

The dogs all played and had a blast.  Debbie and I walked the marsh trail today and made it all 3 miles.  We relaxed some more in the hot tub after our walk and then headed home shortly after.

I caught up on laundry after getting home, made dinner and lunches for tomorrow and then cleaned up the kitchen.  Now it’s almost 9 and I just sat down and am completely exhausted.

Temps aren’t supposed to be horribly cold tomorrow morning (closer to 30 than 20) so I’m setting my alarm clock to go run/walking.  I should be able to beat my previous pace because today I didn’t run at all.

I am actually looking forward to getting back to work.  This is the time of the year that I start checking things off for the last time before summer vacation.  I will definitely be very busy these next couple of weeks!

Due to state testing that is done during April and May, we will begin testing this week.  I have a new student who #1 has a visual impairment and #2 is a 5th grader who reads at a 1st grade level, therefore I will need to test her one-on-one and read aloud all of the 5 tests that she needs to take.   I also need to provide accommodations for the rest of my 5th graders, my 4th graders and my 3rd graders.  The state testing is very strict and rigid and takes a huge amount of time.

In addition to the state testing, we also have district testing to do these next few weeks.  For this test I need to provide accommodations for my kids in 1st-5th grade.

I also need to test students early this week to see how they are progressing on their IEP goals.  These assessments are very short and not too invasive.  The results will help me determine which students meet the criteria for ESY or extended school year services.  The students who meet this criteria will need an amendment to their IEP (more paperwork..).

Report cards are due in two weeks, so I will need to work on those too.

Another thing on my mind is my 5th graders who will transition to the middle school next year.  I have meetings scheduled for them in May to make a plan at the middle school for next year.  I’ll need lots of data and to set some good academic goals for them.

Sorry for all of the shop talk, I suppose on this Sunday night I’m feeling a little bit of work anxiety and it helps to write everything out 🙂

Anway, day 17 today!  Feeling so grateful and satisfied.

Wishing you all a great start to the week <3



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