Spring Break Staycation and Everyone and Their Brother is in Florida

I pushed to stay home this spring break. Hubby wanted to go to Florida or at least half way south where we would find budding flowers and trees and warm temperatures.

We’ve had to fix/replace many things in our home since January and have spent a lot more money than usual in the past few months on those things.  I wanted to save the money we would be spending traveling.

Also, by the time spring break rolled around I was completely exhausted.  I was totally spent, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.  Although the word vacation brings images of peace (resting on a beach, with a book indulging in good food, etc), planning, packing up and leaving is actually hard work.   I didn’t have it in me, so we stayed.

My first big mistake was reactivating my Facebook page.  Yup– as happily disconnected that I was– I reactivated to post a funny video my sons made– and I stayed.

So, while I’m baskin in my glory of a super clean house, homemade meals, daily naps on top of 9 hours a sleep per night, a part of me is jealous of all of my friends in their bathing suits on the beach.  Seriously.  I’m even secondhand witnessing coworkers who no longer work together running into each other.   How can there be enough beaches to possibly fit everyone who is in Florida right now?  I would not want to live in Florida during this month– it must be so crowded everywhere!

Back to the staycation.  I was slightly worried last week about a slip up this week.   After all, being home on mid winter break is when I awfully day drank and kept going.

I am happily reporting that I haven’t even thought about giving in to any urges I’ve felt.  I have such a strong desire this time and am just DONE with the booze.  I believe that having zero expectations of myself has helped my mindset.  I am not getting down on myself for not exercising– or not doing this or that.  I am patting myself on the back every single night no matter what for staying sober.  I’ve been happier and ironically more productive!  I’ve probably exercised more also– especially considering the awful weather we’ve been having– I’ve still been getting out there.


I typically get depressed when I’m not working and struggle with non structured days.  I haven’t felt my usual disappointment/despair this week and am wondering if it has to do with being more kind and accepting of myself.  I’m getting really excited and hoping that this is the preview of a productive, happy and fulfilled summer vacation I’m about to have!

So far this has been a terrific week.  Here are some of the highlights:

Easter Sunday— This ended up being a great day.  My house was clean and our food was tasty.  I made hor dourves and hubby made the dinner.  My dad and hubby’s brother came over.  We had a wonderful meal and visit.  Afterwards, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate mine and my oldest’s birthday.  I could tell that my dad had a good time and enjoyed the meal because he texted me after the fact a couple of times letting me know 🙂

Monday— Bicycle shopping!  I’ve known for awhile that I wanted a new bike for my birthday.  Mine is over 10 years old and has been good, except for the last time we took it up north it was making a funny noise/click sound and hard to ride.  Hubby worked on it for hours and we thought it was all set.  The next day we brought our bikes to Mackinac Island.  All the way around the island my bike was making an awful squeaking sound.  Everyone who passed me looked at me funny and said, “Your bike is squeaking.”  DUH!!!  It was so annoying, I never fully trusted my bike after that.

I found my bike at the first store we went to and it was one of the first ones I test rode.  We wanted to be sure though so we went to a few other stores.  Several hours and test rides later I knew for sure!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bike but it’s been too cold to ride it.  I think I might be able to get out there with it today, it’s going to be sunny and 40 degrees (hello heat wave!).

Tuesday— I had a good workout, hot bath and then we visited grandma.  We brought Jets pizza, a chocolate cream pie and everything was so delicious.  My dad stays with her on Tuesdays so he was there too.  I don’t always see him often, so seeing him twice in one week was a treat.  We had a nice visit.  We talked a lot of politics and current events and nothing got heated because we all have the same opinions (mostly).

Wednesday— Chillax day.  It was SO cold and windy that I got a workout in, but inside.  I ran out for some groceries and then did some cooking.  My youngest had a playdate, hubby and the oldest went to the rec center to swim laps.  I was in bed by 10 and slept very well.

Cheesecake made in the InstaPot by Hubby 

Today is Thursday and Day 14 🙂

I’m not sure what we’ll do today, but am ok with whatever.  Maybe hubby and I will go wander around Sam’s Club (one of our favorite pastimes– and everytime we do it I feel like we are OH SO old– but I guess we are..).

Peace and love <3

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8 thoughts on “Spring Break Staycation and Everyone and Their Brother is in Florida

  1. The benefits of doing less, and spending less, can’t be undervalued.
    It sounds like you are having a great time.
    Keep doing what working! It’s simple.

    1. Haha, stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood of SE MI and I’ll have some waiting for ya 🙂

    1. I hate it too, plus all the small technicalities like making sure the kennel has room for the dog and making sure our cat sitter can come. I’m thankful to stay home during this spring break 🙂

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