Just wanted to write a quick update.

Still feeling pretty pissy, despite efforts of a productive weekend restoring my mind-body-spirit.

Had a great workout Friday and today (Sunday).  This is big because I’ve felt too down the past couple of weeks to even start moving.  Working out always helps my mood/anxiety– still waiting for the rewards to kick in.

Meditated in the bath on Friday and again while working out today.   Bathtub meditation was fine (5 minutes) and I presume as productive as your typical meditation session.  Elliptical meditation seems counterproductive, but I have to say that I was able to focus better than ever while meditating (pretty much the entire 10 minutes– except for a couple seconds checking the clock to see if I should switch directions).  Not sure that I’m seeing any benefits from meditation yet– but it can’t be hurting anything.

Had an extremely productive yesterday.  A big part of our basement has been filled with STUFF since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago.  Stuff that is miscellaneous, AKA junk.  We spent a good portion of Saturday going through the stuff.  I had like 6 tubs of school stuff that I was hanging onto and it was taking up a ton of room.  I went through and kept about 5% of it — all of which I will take to my room at school.  All in all, we unloaded a huge amount of stuff at the Salvation Army Saturday night.  Then we did the grocery shopping.  Still went to bed totally crabby and hating life.

Had an interesting day today.  We went to a fundraiser to honor my uncle and his recovery (he was hit by a car January 4th and suffered severe head trauma).  It was so crazy busy!!  Saw some family that I hadn’t seen in awhile.  It was at a bar and everyone was drinking.  I enjoyed my free diet cokes.  It was nice to connect with friends and family and I was grateful that I wasn’t part of the Sunday afternoon drinking club (I’ve already consumed a lifetime of Sunday afternoon drinks in my 40 years of life).

Diet hasn’t been spectacular this weekend— but I have been taking my vitamins and I’m excited about food for tomorrow.  I have a sweet potato for breakfast, spinach lasagna for lunch (with lots of spinach!) and grapes and carrots for a snack (and a couple other low calorie treats).  I haven’t packed this much whole foods in a long time.  Maybe that’ll help my mood.  I sure hope so!

Honestly, with my crabby mood, I’m thinking hubby (who poured out all of my wine a couple weeks ago..) is about to come home and syphon wine down my throat. OK– joking– that’s not going to happen.  BUT.. I don’t want to be the crabby old lady forever!

I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of making health improvements.  I’m hopeful that if I keep it up then I will eventually get out of this funk.  Wish me good luck, please!  🙂 ❤



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