Kicking Negativity to the Curb

It is Friday morning and we are getting hit with A LOT of snow.  Therefore, my entire family is home.  They closed the kids’ and my school district and hubby is working from home.


This was a very happy snow day because they called it the evening before– so all alarm clocks were turned off and we relished the thought of a three day weekend.

Only, as I stood in the kitchen making dinner, I didn’t feel happy.  Do you know that nagging thought in the back of your head when something is bugging you greatly or when something has gone wrong?  I had that thought & it overshadowed any joyful thoughts.  I consciously wondered why I felt like that– nothing major is going wrong in my life– maybe just an accumulation of small things.

For instance, I’m in a situation at work where I have to have an uncomfortable conversation with another adult.  I’m not looking forward to it and have been putting it off all week.  It’s something that I really shouldn’t have to deal with, but my principal is slightly lackadaisical, so some of these issues fall on my shoulders– at least if I want them to get resolved.  Now I’ve put it off another day and will have to anticipate it going into a new week.

There are a few other things going on, similar to this but not work related.  I won’t bore you with details– they’re nothing major– just little things that create stress.  They should get resolved soon but I don’t have control over them and that itself is creating stressful feelings.

There in the kitchen, as I thought more deeply about these things that are bugging me, I gave myself a pep talk.  That did help my mindset.

I fell asleep ok, but woke up around 3 am and my mind was running.  My body was exhausted due to a month long cold/virus I’ve been fighting and some insomnia this week– but my mind was wide open.  Sometime in those early insomniac hours I realized what my big problem is: Mind. Body. Spirit.

Folks in recovery talk about the healing of the mind, body and spirit and how each is essential to overcome addiction and to live a happy life.  I couldn’t agree more and usually do conscious and unconscious routines and rituals that support each of these areas.  I realized that my mind, body and spirit were all in a state of negativity and distress– all three of them, and all at once.   No WONDER I’ve been in a state of negativity– not just while making dinner– but for the past 2 weeks.

This cold/virus that has limited my energy, lack of exercise, not walking outside (due to the weather and my cold), not sleeping well (lack of exercise and not feeling well), not going to my 12 step meeting (due to family conflicts that were unavoidable), dark and dreary weather, cold and itchy skin, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables (produce choices have been awful at the store so I’ve been buying and eating less of the good stuff), work stress, and feeling disconnected with certain family members have all contributed to this state I’m in.  And as I write this out, it is CLEAR how the mind-body-spirit health is ALL connected.

Now it’s time to kick negativity to the curb!

I researched this morning to find out how to grow and strengthen each area.  This is what I NEED to do:

  1.  Exercise.  I’ve always known that this keeps me sane.  I have to accept the fact that if I can’t run outside with my dog, I can still do a 20 minute treadmill walk/run and/or yoga routine.  I HATE doing the treadmill because my pup just looks at me sadly the whole time and I feel like I’m betraying him.  I will try to get out for a walk as soon as possible (when they clear the street after this storm) because there is great value for me to be outside.
  2. Meditate.  I’ve failed at this many times.  Each time I vow to spend even just 5 minutes per day, there just doesn’t seem to be time.  I will make time–even if just 5 minutes!
  3. Diet.  As spring gets closer, the produce will get better and it will be easier to eat whole foods.  Until then, I will either get produce from a specialty store if I have the time or buy frozen if not.  I NEED to get more produce into my diet– or at least start juicing again to get some of those nutrients.
  4. Vitamins.  I will continue to be sure to take my daily regimen of vitamins and supplements.
  5. Meditative Writing.  I just learned about this while researching this morning.  This sounds like a fascinating idea to me.  I think it will be beneficial and therapeutic– especially if it helps to get some of the negative thoughts out!
  6. Spirituality.  I don’t plan on missing any of the 12 step meetings in the near future.  Missing two in a row was hard.  This meeting and discussion helps my spirit grow.  In addition to this, we have two Scout Sundays coming up in February (at different churches) and my youngest and I have a “God and Me” scout class for the month of February.  I don’t attend church regularly, but am excited for all of these religious events this month.  I would eventually like to find a church to call home.
  7. Build Connections.  I need to make more time for family and friends.  I DO have some events coming up with family and friends to look forward to.  I need to make sure to continue making plans after this busy month.

I think that this is a pretty comprehensive list.   I don’t want to make a schedule or regimen because I lack follow through.  What I want to do is to journal each night with reflective thoughts of things that I did that day to strengthen myself and things that I plan on doing the next day– or anything differently I would do the next day, etc.

Notice that all of these things are written in the DO form.  There is nothing that I can’t do when implementing this plan.  I am simply adding practices to my life– not taking away anything.

I am confident that the more practice and habits that come out of this will cause the negativity energy to get pushed out and more positivity will get pulled in.

I am ready for a healthier– and therefore happier journey <3

What are your go-to activities when you feel like you need more positivity in your life?

Update:  Right after writing this I began to make breakfast.  Immediately I felt lighter & happier.  My clothes even seemed looser 🤔.  The power of the mind is an amazing thing & just mapping out a plan for change had a positive effect 💜

For more information on improving body, mind and soul health, visit:

My 7 Rules on how to strengthen your mind body and soul


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6 thoughts on “Kicking Negativity to the Curb

  1. You hit on many of the points that are part of my go to practices. Here are some others:
    – for that sort of nagging that something is not quite right, one practice I developed early on was reading the 12 & 12 book. I start at the beginning with Step 1, and I can say that I have never gotten past Step 3 before the “answer” to my problem was found.
    – Another practice I have gotten into is first thing every morning, I post in a FB group (Alcoholics Anonymous International) three things that I am grateful for. This always causes me to actually have to stop and think so that I write something that is true and real.
    – Once a week I participate in a session of the School for Contemplative Living here in New Orleans. We do 20 minutes of centering prayer (sort of intentional meditation) and then discuss a book for an hour. Currently we are just finishing up The Book of Joy by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This book in particular has very strong parallels to AA concepts – I actually bought four more copies of the book to give to some family and friends. I find reading various types of spiritual to the more traditional self-help (e.g., Brene Brown) also help put my head in a good place.

    1. It sounds like your individualized plan is brilliant. I wish I had a group that did both prayer/meditation & meaningful book study all in one! That sounds perfect. I did (luckily) find a 12 step book study group that is very good & I am thankful for. Thanks for the book titles, I am a motivational book junkie & will check them out (like in the next 15 mins 🤓). BTW, I tried to follow your blog but it’s not allowing it, do you have any idea why?? I’m on my phone & will try again later on my PC 😊

    1. If you are ever bored google Steve IIardi Youtube Ted talk about depression. It is EYE opening and a reminder about how effective exercise is on the body, mind and spirit. According to his research 3 30 minute exercise sessions were more effective at treating depression than Rx drugs that treat it. It might help motivate you to get started 🙂

  2. Hi Zoe. Really helpful post for me. I was in a bad space yesterday and need to do some of the Mind Body Spirit exercises. I’m good on the body but the others….Thanks for sharing.

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