Finding My Tribe


This is so strange, but some of my very best ideas come to me in the wee hours when I am just beginning to stir.

This morning, the insignificant but brilliant thought came to me to attend the noon AA meeting– the same meeting I attended last summer.  I have been meaning to get back into meetings, but I need to find an evening meeting that I can go to while I’m working.  I have been putting it off because I’m anxious to go to a new place and a new meeting (probably because the very first time I went to a meeting, I didn’t find the right place and ended up attending a Tuesday night Mass).  This was a good answer.  I could get back into going to meetings at a familiar place (I’m off work until January 3rd) and maybe get some insight on good local evening meetings from people there.

It was SO nice to be back!  The women’s table that I usually sit at was full, so I sat at the book study table.  We read a small portion of the Big Book (it was in beginning– Bill’s story) and then each took a turn reflecting on what we’ve read, learned or something that resonated with us.

Gosh, I could SO relate to each and every one of them!  And also to Bill in the Big Book.  I was meant to be at this meeting and so thankful that I made it there.  I was one of the last ones to share and that’s what I said.  “I am so grateful to be here.  I can relate to each and every one of you and Bill too.”  I also talked a little about recent relapses and how after one little drink, I would go through a downward spiral.

However, I was a little cowardly.  I wanted to ask an elderly lady at my table if she would sponsor me, but I chickened out.  At the very end I saw two familiar ladies talking and wanted to approach them to inquire about getting a sponsor– but I chickened out again.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up the nerve to ask– or at least throw it out at my table to see if anyone sponsors or can recommend one.

That is all.  Today was a great day.  I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings <3



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