Are You Being Duped?

“Do you ever feel duped by alcohol?  Throughout high school, we were all told to “just say no” to drugs but not much was ever said about alcohol.  The reality is that only 1 in 10 people with an alcohol problem get treatment.  The research shows that the number 1 most addictive drug is alcohol.  It kills more people than all other drugs combined.”

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I feel duped by alcohol, Every. Single. Day.

As a teenager, I was duped.  As a college student, I was duped.  As a mom, I was duped.

As a recovering alcoholic, I notice ads, groups and persuasions everywhere on a daily basis normalizing and glorifying the use of alcohol.

A wine festival advertises: Baby on the hips, wine on the lips!



Another ad pops up with a barbell that has a wine bottle holder in the middle, so you can drink every time you lift it up.


Wine or beer sipping yoga classes are not uncommon.

Strength training and yoga are the epitome of healthy activities, would you eat a cake while working out?  That would surely be shunned by the average health seeker.

Facebook pages such as Fitness Magazine routinely share articles that claim that a glass of wine every night has health benefits.  This drives me crazy!  A fitness magazine promoting ingesting poison regularly.  They fail to mention that you can get the exact same benefits from certain fruits and vegetables, WITHOUT the poison (imagine that!).

Why is the public so agreeable with this poison being normalized and glorified?

Did you know that drinking alcohol contributes to anxiety?  Crazy huh?  When I was a drinker, I would especially need a drink after a difficult day.  I probably said things thousands of times like, “I need a few tall ones tonight!  After today I need to drink my dinner.  I need a drink NOW.”  I thought I NEEDED it to combat my stressful life.  It wasn’t until I stopped drinking that I realized that it was the alcohol that made me a crazy anxious person.  Not to say that some people, even without alcohol, suffer from anxiety, it is a real condition and I am not minimizing that. But for ME, quitting drinking diminished my anxiety greatly.

There is good news!  Social media has made it possible for sober people to connect all over to support each other and shed the light on drinkers who want to stop.  I wanted to stop a good 9 months before I was mentally able to and it was all thanks to a podcast I found called the Recovery Elevator that helped me to gather the tools needed to quit.  Prior to listening, even the thought of going to an AA meeting made me cry.  After listening to so many people like me, I realized that 12 step and recovery groups are OK and should not be feared or shamed.

There is a plethora of facebook groups, web pages and podcasts that address quitting drinking and thriving in sobriety.  I believe that this movement is helping middle aged adults like myself see that alcohol free living can be so much better than regularly drinking.

More good news is that the younger generations are seemingly smarter about their alcohol consumption.  In fact, many recent articles address the theories as to why millennials aren’t drinking alcohol– or at least drinking as much as their predecessors.

In September 2017, Forbes published an article citing 10 reasons why millennials aren’t drinking booze.  (

I dream of a day where healthy choices are advertised and promoted as much as the poisonous ethanol.

But until then, us humans can band together and refuse to be bamboozled by these sinister corporations <3





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