The Concert

Yesterday was Day 10 and my first sober concert.

Knowing another first was approaching, I was feeling apprehension going into this weekend.  I wasn’t sure if Betsy would be able to convince me to have just one or two at the show last night.  Happy to report that any persuasion by her was quickly shut down with a fierce, “No, NOT today Betsy!”

I enjoyed the concert far more than I would have if I was drinking.  THIS is what is getting slowly embedded into my brain. Alcohol = Negative effects, Abstaining = Real life experiences, mostly positive, even if uncomfortable at first.

First of all, there was a line to get in.  Well– a line if you wanted a wristband to get drinks.  That wasn’t necessary so we cruised right on in, past the line of drinkers.

Secondly, I enjoyed being fully present during the show.  The beats were intense and I could feel the sounds riveting throughout my body.  It was almost like being in a trance, if I lost focus and let my senses take over my being.  Much better than concerts in the past where I was annihilated– acting like a fool at my best and passed out asleep at my worst– both which I’ve admittedly done before.

I wasn’t bummed out about not being a “rebel” and not drinking. Actually, I felt a little defiant drinking RedBull… but that addiction is to be addressed at a later time.  I enjoyed the red syrupy drink & the way it tasted sweet and sharpened my senses.

Lastly, the end of the evening was much better not completely wasted.  I was steady walking out and finding our car in the city.  I took my time finding the car, taking pictures of pretty landmarks along the way.  Normally, I would be in a super big hurry to get to the car, get home and continue drinking.  It is quite freeing when you don’t have something like alcohol to answer to on a nightly basis.


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