Martini Glasses in the Sky


The long drive was boring and uneventful until we noticed all of the black smoke billowing from various buildings in the city on the other side of the river.   Then we knew, it must be multiple terrorist attacks.  As we drove by, it was apparent that society was quickly losing its cool. Deranged drivers were causing disruptions everywhere and we could see boats of all sizes nearly colliding in the river.

As time went on, we saw more destruction and it became apparent that this was the end. I looked up above the river and saw 2 martini glasses in the glowing sky.  Each cup had a green pudgy olive and one glass was empty, while the other one had liquid.  The olive that was in the empty cup said to the other olive, “I’m going to stay in here, I’m all done drinking.” The olives then realized that the world was coming to an end and that they were going to die in separate cups.  They looked at each other with such sad expressions, it was truly heart breaking.

It was a long night of sleep disruptions.  The cat wanted out sometime around 3am and was meowing loudly.  When I didn’t honor his request, he flopped down on my head.   Then I heard my son coughing and sniffling.  I waited, hoping he would fall back into a deep sleep, subsiding his cough.  I waited & waited but his cold persisted.  I got up and gave him some cold medicine.  It was around 4am by the time I got back into bed and I couldn’t sleep until around 5am.  I knew my alarm would be going off soon and tried desperately to get just a little bit of sleep.  It rudely woke me too soon, right after the olives met their demise.

I got up with enough time to get ready and out a little early to make it to an early morning work meeting.  But of course, the morning wouldn’t go smoothly.   As I was brushing my teeth, my teenager was banging on the bathroom door exclaiming loudly that dad left out a chocolate bar and that the dog ate it.  I became filled with dread thinking that I would need to give him peroxide to make him throw up and then have piles of vomit to clean up.  Luck was on my side and when I figured out how much he ate I found a toxic chocolate calculator for dogs on google and he didn’t eat enough to cause him to have a severe reaction.  Inducing vomiting was not necessary.

I was incredibly thankful to have Day 2 under my belt.  I couldn’t imagine dealing with all that nighttime and morning drama on very little sleep and hung over.  In fact, I had a pretty positive and successful day at work, despite those unavoidable obstacles that robbed me of sleep and triggered stress and anxiety.  The martini’s in my dream seem oddly significant– still working on decoding the message.

Doing well these past two days, but know that can change in a heartbeat, so I am taking it one moment at a time.  I am not drinking at the moment but a slip up is as close as the store, just 2 minutes away.

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