Here we go again.  Even though I had a hard time sleeping last night, today was SO much better than it’s been all week.

Had a decent amount of energy all day (even on little sleep), didn’t miss the hangover headache, focus was good at work & instead of being cranky & short fused my mood is good & I was able to laugh at annoying situations that popped up.

Still taking it one moment at a time. I’m not drinking at the moment & will try to focus on how good I feel mentally/physically.

Had a small revelation while praying during my insomnia last night. I’ve been racking my brain trying to understand the why of my journey. What does it mean? What is the purpose?

But then I realized, it’s not my job to understand or know the purpose. I just have to have faith & trust that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Perhaps that kind of thinking will lift a burden. It makes me realize that I need to explore & deepen my spirituality.

Sorry for the rambling post, it’s what’s on my mind.  I hope everyone has a safe, sober & enjoyable weekend 

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